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Here and there, I heard that Jesus is an avatar of Lord Vishnu (or even a reincarnation of Krishna).

Is this true?

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According to Bhavishya Purana, Jesus is reincarnation of one of the greatest Bhaktas of lord Vishnu known as Dhruva Rishi. That's why he was born out of kumari garbha (virgin's womb) under Pole star (Dhruva Tara in Hindi). There is a addressing to reincarnation of Dhruva Rishi (Jesus) in Bhavishya Purana as Kumarigarbhasambhavaam(born from a virgin Kumari).

Bhavishya purana describing about Jesus Christ.

Here is some of the excerpt from above source:

Dr. Vedavyas, a research scholar with a doctorate in Sanskrit, discusses some important prophecies from the Bhavishya Purana, which he says dates back to 3000 B.C. He states that one prophecy describes the future appearance of Isha putra, the son (putra) of God (Isha)(Jesus Christ), born of an unmarried woman named Kumari (Mary) Garbha Sambhava. He would visit India at the age of thirteen and go to the Himalayan Mountains and do tapas or penance to acquire spiritual maturity under the guidance of rishis and siddha-yogis before going back to Palestine to preach to his people. So, if Jesus was trained by the sages of India, this would explain why he was able to perform various miracles (siddhas). It also explains why there are so many philosophical similarities between early Christianity and Hinduism.

Note: Bhavishya Purana is no longer in yathaswaroop (as it was) but there are similar prophecies in Bhagwat Purana also about Jesus. And Bhavishya Purana is a controversial subject and is not considered geniune (as it was written), this talks more about the subject.

I don't mean any Offence on (towards) any Religion or anyone's religious believes. I am just expressing what I came to know when I searched for Jesus in Sanatan Dharma Scriptures.

So as a concluding statement, it is up to your buddhi/viveka (intellect) to decide what is correct or incorrect, and seeing the proofs I say JESUS WAS/MIGHT-BE A BHAKTA NOT AVATAR OF LORD VISHNU.

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For further discussion on this answer, visit this room – Mr. Alien Jul 24 '14 at 5:41
that same article, you linked to, in its conclusion, states The Bhavishya Purana may well be a genuine Vedic scripture prophesying future events, but from the above analysis we may want to reconsider how likely it is that the Jesus episode of the Bhavishya Purana is an authentic Vedic revelation. Take the evidence and decide for yourself. So, you can't reach at a decision solely based on this article, as the author is himself not sure about it. – DroidDev Aug 4 '14 at 6:17
But if he is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu or his bhaktas and went to the prophets then why did he establish a religion called Christianity when he got the powers by the grace of the Supreme Lord. Why didn't he discuss nor tell about the Supreme Lord and he is the one whom we must pray? Why didn't he put Siva Namam or Govinda Namam? First of all, what is the need for creating a religion? – JavaTechnical Oct 29 '14 at 10:49
@Hindu However if they are avatars, like Rama and Krishna then religion establishment would not happen even after death of their body. How can a religion be established without the consent of Lord Vishnu that didn't have the concept of moksha, while Lord Krishna himself stressing on that point. – JavaTechnical Dec 6 '14 at 9:33
Thankyou! @DroidDev – TheLittleNaruto Apr 24 '15 at 8:26

Jesus is not an avatar of Vishnu. Avatar is not same as prophet. An avatar is significantly different from a prophet in that every human can attain the consciousness of an avatar while a prophet is a "chosen" special person whose consciousness cannot be attained by humans.

One cannot consider Jesus to be an avatar because he solves a different problem than Vishnu. He 'redeems' humans from their originally sinful nature which Vishnu doesn't. See my answer here for the details.

Coming to scriptural 'proofs', quoting from this weblog:

Evidence based on the Bhavishya Purana

The following verse appears to predict Jesus Christ. There are also many other verses predicting Jesus.

isha muurtirt-dradi

praptaa nityashuddha

sivamkari ishamasihah iti ca

mama nama pratishthitam

“Having placed the eternally pure and auspicious form of the Supreme Lord in my heart, O protector of the earth planet, I preached these principles through the mlecchas’ own faith and thus my name became ‘isha-masiha’ (Jesus the Messiah).”

This may at first appear to be remarkable. The Wikipedia article shows that the same purana also remarkably predicts Queen Victoria. Other sources show that it even used words in English (‘Sunday’, ‘February’ and ‘Sixty’), a language that would not exist in any recognisable form for over a thousand years from the supposed date of this document. It also predicted the East India Company and Mugal Rule. This would appear to be a remarkably predictive document indeed!

Unfortunatley there are a number of things that make it look much more likely to be tempered with. Firstly, no editions of this purana dating from before British rule can be found. Secondly the predictions stop at 1900, so there are no predictions of events occurring after the first recorded edition of this document. Steven Knapp points out that there is documented evidence of Christians plotting to write such false documents:

In 1784, the famous Indologist Sir William Jones wrote the following letter to Sir Warren Hastings, Governor General of India, confirming our suspicions that this was indeed part of their program:

“As to the general extension [spreading] of our pure faith [Christianity] in Hindoostan [India] there are at present many sad obstacles to it… We may assure ourselves, that Hindoos will never be converted by any mission from the church of Rome, or from any other church; and the only human mode, perhaps, of causing so great a revolution, will be to translate into Sanscrit… such chapters of the Prophets, particularly of ISAIAH, as are indisputably evangelical, together with one of the gospels, and a plain prefatory discourse, containing full evidence of the very distant ages, in which the predictions themselves, and the history of the Divine Person (Jesus) is predicted, were severally made public and then quietly to disperse the work among the well-educated natives.” (Asiatic Researches Vol. 1. Published 1979, pages 234-235. First published 1788).

Over all I think we can assume that this is more likely to be a forgery than a genuine prediction, though there is evidence that the Bhavishya Purana did exist historically and it is likely that it is a genuine document that has been added to and altered rather than a complete forgery.

Just suppose however that the sages really could predict the life of Jesus, Muhammad and the rise of the British Empire (but not be able to see a few decades later to its decline). Would that mean that we should become Christians? More likely it would validate the mystical powers of the Rishis. If we are to believe this part of the Hindu Scriptures then surely we should believe all! In this unlikely event we should see Jesus as an incarnation of God, but also believe the other predictions such as Krishna, samsara and reincarnation. It seems to me that this was not only an attempt at forgery but a futile one at that.

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The quote from William Jones is not saying what you (and Steven Knapp) are saying that it's saying. Translating Christian scripture into sanskrit is not equivalent to forging Hindu Scriptures. – bruised reed Jul 18 '15 at 8:04
@bruisedreed, it's got potential to confuse the lay Hindus. In India some chap as come up with Yesu Sahasranama in line with Vishnu Sahasranama. It is then sold as a Hindu scripture thus taking the back door to convert Hindus into Christianity by making them believe the cult of Jesus is genuinely Hindu then when they get in they'll have to throw away all their Hindu roots & be oriented towards medieval Hebraic culture. – Bharat Oct 8 '15 at 14:14

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