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As I know, lord Hanuman's parents were Anjana (mother) and Kesari (father). Then why is lord Hanuman also known as "Pavan putra Hanuman" (Son of lord Pavan)?

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It was because, Vayu god had impregnated Anjana through his mind. Hence, Hanuman, although was born from Anjana and Kesari, is also known as Pavan-putra (son of wind):

मनसा अस्मि गतो यत् त्वाम् परिष्वज्य यशस्विनि |
वीर्यवान् बुद्धि संपन्नः पुत्रः तव भविष्यति || [VRM - 4.66.18]
By which reason I embraced you and impregnate myself within you through my mind, by that reason you are impregnated in a super sensory manner, thereby you will beget a valiant son endowed with intellect

The 66th chapter of Kishkinda Kanda in Valmiki Ramayan describes the whole story.

स त्वम् केसरिणः पुत्रः क्षेत्रजो भीम विक्रमः
मारुतस्य औरसः पुत्रः तेजसा च अपि तत् समः
त्वम् हि वायु सुतो वत्स प्लवने च अपि तत् समः [VRM - 4.66.29,30]

Such as you are, you are Kesari's son through his wife, oh, frightful pugilist, and you are the lineal son of Air-god, and even by your gusting you are selfsame to Air-god, and even by your flying also you are his selfsame to Air-god, in all respects

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For the benefit of dumb people like me: Pavan is apparently another name of Vayu. –  senshin Jul 8 '14 at 12:53

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