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Top new questions this week:

What phase of moon is represented by crescent on the head of Bhagwana Shiva?

As discussed in Why lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head? and Why is Moon on Lord Shiva's head only shown as crescent?, we know that a crescent is always shown on head of Shiva. It's not a full ...

shiva soma moon  
asked by sbharti 6 votes
answered by Carmen sandiego 4 votes

Where is the Panchvati mentioned in Ramayana located in present day India?

Is Panchvati in present day Nasik or in Parnashala? Where was Sita mata abducted by Ravana?

ravana india sita ramayan  
asked by Chandra Rekha 6 votes

Are there any kshatriyas that don't trace descent from Solar or Lunar dynasties?

Is there any Kshatriya group that doesn't trace its descent from Solar or Lunar dynasties? Agnivansh is a prominent group amongst Rajputs, but any apart from these mentioned in Puranas or Vedas.

puranas kshatriya chandravansh suryavansh genealogy  
asked by bhatnagar prakhar 5 votes

Was Arjuna sad or happy when Eklavya cut out his thumb?

Dronacharya demanded from his Ekalavya after he saw that by his arrows alone, Ekalayva was able to stop the dog from barking. Some people say that he secretly wanted Arjuna to be the best archer and ...

mahabharata arjuna dronacharya  
asked by Fun life 4 votes
answered by YDS 4 votes

How do you counter Sammohanastra?

Arjuna used Sammohanastra in Virat army that put the Kuru army to sleep. Sammohanastra is a weapon that puts an enemy to sleep. If somebody hurled agneyastra or fire weapon, then you counter attack ...

asked by Fun life 4 votes
answered by Raghav Goyal 6 votes

What are the characteristics and verses of the Devi Bhagavata Purana mentioned by Bhaskararaya?

Bhaskararaya was a great Sri Vidya Acharya from Southern India. Being from the same Sampradaya as Adi Shankaracharya, (whom he credits with spreading the Sampradaya in his Guptavati Bhashya on Sri ...

puranas shloka devi-bhagavata-purana sri-vidya bhaskararaya  
asked by Adiyarkku 4 votes

How to find the corresponding rik for a sama?

Does anyone have any (preferably online) resources to trace the ~1800 sama verses in the original rig veda?

vedas mantras rig-veda sama-veda  
asked by SeekerWithoutASnitch 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the 16 sanskaar (Sacraments of Life) and How do you complete them?

I have been told that there are 16 sanskaar (sacraments of life) described in the great texts of Hinduism. I am aware of naamkaran (naming ceremony), janeu or yagnopavit (sacred thread), vivah (...

rituals samskara  
asked by mjosh 17 votes
answered by Pradip Gangopadhyay 23 votes

Does lord Shiva smoke Chillum?

I have seen many people who worship lord Shiva who prefer to be naked and they have ash (Bhabhuti) powdered all over their body. I am not sure what these people are known as but I have seen them in ...

shiva kumbh-mela  
asked by Mr_Green 14 votes
answered by Amit Saxena 7 votes

What are Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic foods?

In Hinduism, food is categorized into Tamasic, Rajasic, Sattvic, or combination of them. What does these categories signify? Can anyone consume food from any of these categories? Are there any ...

food non-vegetarian gunas  
asked by Akshay 22 votes
answered by Akshay 16 votes

If Aryabhata invented zero in Kaliyuga, how could Hindus of earlier yugas describe Ravana as having 10 heads and Kauravas were 100 in number?

Since long time I've heard that the number zero was invented by the great Indian mathematician Aryabhata. Now I have two examples from Ramayana and Mahabharata: In Ramayana, Ravana had 10 heads. ...

mahabharata vedas ramayana calendar panchang  
asked by Vipul Hadiya 28 votes
answered by Pranav 23 votes

When a lizard makes noise whatever we think may happen --Is it a myth or true?

Generally when we are in house thinking some good things or bad things, if a lizard makes noise, there is a saying that whatever we thought at that time will happen. Good things or bad things may ...

scripture puranas belief superstitions  
asked by Parthasarathy Raghavan 1 vote

What was the reason for Swami Vivekananda's Death?

I have always heard that because he was a pure celibate, and have never allowed his body to waste the best chemical on planet (sperm). According to Hinduism at least this reason does not make any ...

death vivekananda life-span brahmacharya  
asked by Ritesh.mlk 9 votes
answered by Pradip Gangopadhyay 2 votes

Why do Hindus believe in cremation instead of burial?

The other two major religions, Christianity and Islam both practice burial after death. What factors influence the Hindus to practice cremation instead?

belief death cremation  
asked by Pawan 91 votes
answered by Vineet Menon 138 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Reference form parashara Samhita?

सन्त्यक्तकिटिरूपोऽसौ मूको नामासुरस्तदा । कलावीशापकाराय कर्नाटे सम्भविष्यति । मधु नाम वहन्नेष व्याससूत्राणि केवलम् । द्वैतमार्गानुसारेण व्याख्यास्यति सुमूढधीः ॥ (पराशरसंहिता ) There was an evil-minded ...

reference-request samhita parashara  
asked by Pasham Vishnu Vardhan Goud 2 votes

Why did Kali incarnate as Duryodhana? For what reason was Duryodhana born earth for? The evil-minded and wicked king Duryodhana, the destroyer of the fair fame of the Kurus, was born of a portion of Kali on earth. My question is, why ...

asked by Fun life 3 votes

What happens to our Philosophies if "Karma" is rejected?

What Happens to our philosophy if the concept of "Karma" is rejected? What will be its effect on ADvaita, Visistadvaita, Dvaita, Bheda-Abheda? What will be its effect on Nyaya, Yoga, Sankhya?...

philosophy karma advaita vishishtadvaita sankhya  
asked by Talk is Cheap Show me Code 2 votes
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