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Do the Vedas have 'commandments' similar to the bible? (E.g., does it forbid murder?)

I hope not to offend, but I should admit that I don't intend to read the entirety of the Vedas to find whether or not it forbids murder, rape, lying, hypocrisy, etc.

As I am sure you are well aware, other holy texts have a great deal of commandments such as 'do not kill' or 'murder infidels', and I am curious if such exists in the Vedas.

I am working on the history of morality. I am aware of a great deal of good and a great deal of bad within the Vedas, but specific questions are difficult to find where I am from (America).

So, do the Vedas command against murder? If so, what quote or reference may you provide? I'm also interested if it forbids traditionally accepted evils (theft, perjury, hypocrisy).

And, if you'll pardon me to break the rules a bit, I'd like to ask a simpler question: when are the Vedas suspected to have been created (orally, and in the written form)?