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Will I get Moksha if a personI commit suicide?

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Will I get Moksha if a person commit suicide?

Ramayan preached by Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu. As per Ramayan, those who listen to Ramayan will get Moksha (Phala sruthi I.e. fruits of listening). Not only the one who listened, family member before and after 7 generations of the person so listened will also attain Moksha. So, if a person who listened commit suicide, will such person get Moksha? Or if a person commit suicide in Kasi, will such person get Moksha. As it is generally told that a person who dies in Kasi will get Shivaikya (Moksha and Parvati matha will let the person dying in Kasi sleep on her lap, Lord Vinayaka will assist Parvati amma by giving last breath with his trunk).