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What is the reason behind the existence of those many God representations?

God is represented in many ways with many names and symbols. Like Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Sun, Moon etc. However, the Supreme Being is still only one because the energy is inseparable.

Is the reason behind these many gods like Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Ganesha, Karthikeya, Lord Bramha, Goddess Saraswati is giving a feeling of family to us? Like Lord Shiva is the father, Lord Vishnu is maternal uncle, Goddess Parvathi is mother, Ganesha is our elder brother, Karthikeya is our younger brother etc. Feeling of such fills a lot of courage, because we've got a POWERFUL family.

But what did Vedas and Lord Krishna tell about these many forms of the god?