The two questions What are Five Layers (Pancha Kosha) of Human? and Where does a Soul attached to the Body? explain various koshas (Sheaths) of human body. Trimurthi and their respective Shaktis are believed to be different aspects of Supreme Brahman. Same is the case of Devas but they are less powerful than trimurtis and their Shaktis.

  • What Koshas do Trimurthis and their Shaktis have? For example, Goddess Saraswati represents Knowledge. Does she have Vijananmaya kosha and Anandamaya Kosha?
  • What about Devas living in Swarga Loka?. Agni Deva represents fire but has form. What Koshas do devas have?
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    There is a description of Lord Vishnu as seen by Garuda in the Garuda Purana where he describes Vishnu being enveloped in his own creation i.e. aham, mahat, all 10 indriyas 5 tanmatras and 5 mahabhutas, etc. – Archit Jul 2 '20 at 18:08
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