The two questions What are Five Layers (Pancha Kosha) of Human? and Where does a Soul attached to the Body? explain various koshas (Sheaths) of human body. Trimurthi and their respective Shaktis are believed to be different aspects of Supreme Brahman. Same is the case of Devas but they are less powerful than trimurtis and their Shaktis.

  • What Koshas do Trimurthis and their Shaktis have? For example, Goddess Saraswati represents Knowledge. Does she have Vijananmaya kosha and Anandamaya Kosha?
  • What about Devas living in Swarga Loka?. Agni Deva represents fire but has form. What Koshas do devas have?
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    There is a description of Lord Vishnu as seen by Garuda in the Garuda Purana where he describes Vishnu being enveloped in his own creation i.e. aham, mahat, all 10 indriyas 5 tanmatras and 5 mahabhutas, etc. – Archit Jul 2 '20 at 18:08
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Gods and actions:

The Gods enact not like humans. Shiva is beyond Gunas, he destroyed Kamadeva, being Himself container of Primordial Gunas inherent Everything but and being Himself beyond the Gunas. Asking a similar question requires to imagine if Universe perform human actions with a Supernova. The answer is yes and no. Because the substance of the Gods is beyond the Indryias so conceived by the humans inside the Maya. Sources: Sanataan Dharma.

After this dued premise I will add that:

So Shakti is that immense Force which is subjected and at the same time the spring of Him making Him move.

The so called Yoni-Linga and Shiva-Shakti fusion has to do with Super Science ,like Quantistic Physics or Mechanics.

Under the energy of Kundalini we are mere humans and we attempt to direct through Her through senses. Out of ignorance. These were the old tantric schools. Which lead to the left tantric path, which lead to a fake awake of the Kundalini and then you will get stuck into a partial samadhi but not winning the gravity. Hence not going to Moksha.

Vaagmarga in the past did in that way too but is useless.

So that you need to understand AtIndryia Gyaan, non sensual Knowledge, in order to approach the Non Locality of the Gods and hence answer yourself to the specific question there above.

The Koshas are many as They can create

God is yet to be imagined like one.

Can be many or one

No one truly know that

We know through 33 kotis His and Her that are They manifestations.

Trimurthis can have infinite forms

Puranas only state what Rishis were able to get

All these forms can be 1 or many.

Kundalini Yoga, Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Shiva Samhita Yoga ed. From Rai Bahadur Chandra Vasu, 1914

Shiva Puranas




Then you ask

What about Devas living in Swarga Loka?. Agni Deva represents fire but has form. What Koshas do devas have?


Svar-Loka: Region between the sun and polar star, the heaven of the god Indra. Indra, Devatas, Rishies, Gandharvas and Apsaras live here: a heavenly paradise of pleasure, where all the 330 million Hindu gods (Deva) reside along with the king of gods, Indra.

About Agni you find continents and lakes names into Agni Purana, first manifesting Him as light

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