Is there any curse on Tanjore big temple by sage karuvuraar and that's the reason politicians doesn't enter the temple through main entrance?

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Curse on Tanjore big temple by sage karuvuraar.

Brihadishwara Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva , located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

While searching more about this , I found out that ,there is an ancient belief that rulers or politicians /Statesmen who visit this temple through the main entrance will fall from their post after doing this , by a curse of sage karuvuraar.

Here is the Legend of Brihadeeswara.

The temple was constructed over a period of seven years from 1003 to 1010AD, and was completed in the 25th year of Rajaraja's reign. It was conceived by Karuvurar, a yogi and siddha, as a tremendously powerfully energy center, and was financed by Raja Raja Chola in the eleventh century. However, according to historical lore, Rajaraja disagreed with Karuvurar over certain aspects of the temple. It isn't quite clear what the disagreement was about but tales tell of how Rajaraja wished that the kumbabhishekam and inauguration of the temple should take place on a certain date, which Karuvurar disagreed with. Whatever the reason, Rajaraja asked the yogi to leave. Karuvurar had to wash his hands off the whole affair. However, he constructed a little hut in the corner of the temple premises and resided there.

When the time came to install the enormous linga into the peetha or avudaiyar, the Chola engineers struggled immensely as the linga wouldn't fit, any which way they tried. Finally, in desperation they approached Karuvurar, who taking his spittoon, spat into it, and handed it to them to place in the peetha before installing the linga. The engineers did as told, and astonishingly, the linga fit. But t was not a happy occasion. Karuvurar's spitting was a symbolic way of saying that the linga was lost. It had become cursed. Since then, many tales tell of the curses that befell the Chola dynasty. Rajaraja himself is said to have committed suicide, though the truth of this is not reflected in any historical sources. Even today, it is said that any ruler who visits the temple will lose his mandate soon!

But this story is likely to be present in puranic accounts like " Sthalapuranas " . According to some sources , the "BhavishyottaraPurana" contains "BrihadeeswaraMahatmya" contain narratives about the sacred location of the temple, anecdotes related to the building of this temple, stories of the kings . It is said that this purana contains many legends related to the construction of the Brihadeeswara temple.

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