Kauravas were more powerful than Pandavas in many areas.

What was the main reason that Kauravas hated Pandavas?

Did Pandavas hate Kauravas too?

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    Not all Kauravas hated Pandavas. Yuyutsu (Sanskrit: युयुत्सु) was a Kaurava who is celebrated as a moral warrior who chose the path of righteousness by taking Pandavas side and the only Kaurava to survive the war.
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    Kauravas hated the pandavas because they were the heir to the throne.the pandavas hated the kauravas because they did several things: -they raped the pandava's life -they poisoned bheema -they tried to burn the pandavas in their castle -they tricked/cheated in the dice game
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both @noob and @Ishika are correct in their statements but just to make things a little more clear, the father of Kauravas (Dhritarashtra) and the father of Pandavas (Pandu) were brothers wherein Dhritarashtra was the elder brother but he was blind since birth that is why it was decided that Pandu would become the next king of Hastinapur. At one point of time Pandu renounced his kingdom and started living in the forest, giving the responsibilities of the kingdom to Dhritarashtra (this is a very abridged version of the story, a lot of incidents take place in order for this to happen).

Duryodhan was the eldest son of Dhritarashtra whereas Yudhishthira was the eldest son of Pandu (need to note that Yudhishthira was elder than Duryodhan). The Pandavas as children grew up in the forest having no idea that they were entitled to a kingdom, on the other hand Duryodhan grew up in the castle believing that he was the righful heir of hastinapur. Once the Pandavas returned to the Palace of Hastinapur, the Yudhishthira was made the new King of Hastinapur and hence the basic reason of rivalry between the Kauravas and Pandavas.

A lot of things did happen over the course of time from being children to adults in the lives of both the sides to increase the animosity but I guess that's for a different time.

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    Welcome to Hinduism.SE! You should cite sources. Feb 29, 2016 at 18:58
  • And Yudhisthira was not made the new king of Hastinapura; he was given half of the kingdom and he established a capital in Indraprastha. Feb 29, 2016 at 19:00
  • I agree I should usually cite my sources but my answer contains everything that I have read in the epic itself that's why I didn't mention any citations.
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  • Ok you are right there he was not made the king but the kingdom was promised to him, they even had the whole ceremony for that. The Indraprastha chapter comes later when it is decided that the kingdom needs to divided as Duryodhan wants to rule it but it was already promised to Yudhisthira so you cannot go back on your word kind of thing hence, the division.
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  • Well, on this site, answers are supposed to be backed up with sources. So you should provide citations and/or quotes from specific chapters of the Mahabharata. You can read the Mahabharata here: sacred-texts.com/hin/maha/index.htm Again, welcome to the site! Feb 29, 2016 at 19:14

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