This question may be childish or even rubbish but I have had this doubt for a long time.

According to my religion, Hinduism (Sanathana Dharma), God has created all from grass to all forms of life. Then why he did create heaven and hell because if he/she/it (refers to God - Peculiarly Shiva) creates every person as a good one then he/she/it can prevent sending people to hell.

According to a famous psychologist:

Situations and surroundings are the only factors which convert a good person to a bad one

So why does God create a bad situation and thereby creating a bad person?

I am a strong believer in Hinduism so I know there's some purpose behind this, what is that?


  • Why does God need a servant then?
  • If he can create everything then why does he create bad things and make his servants suffer?

My strong questions:

  • Why does God alone enjoy everything in the heaven?
  • Why limited period of time (in heaven) for people?
    This is complete injustice. I know He created us and he has a right to destroy us so I am not going to speak here.
  • But why he is willing that people suffer?
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    This is too complex a question to ask and a proper answer can fill pages of a whole book .
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  • Oh I see could you share some of your ideas please? Commented Feb 8, 2016 at 18:19
  • Very good question sir! We are all suffering because of ignorance. Ignorance of what? Ignorance of our true Nature. What is this True Nature. We are immortal Atma! We're eternal and divine! But we think that we are the body, mind, etc. Thus we suffer. Imagine that you are going along with your best friend for a movie. In the movie, the hero wakes up, eats his breakfast, goes to office, eats lunch, and sleeps. That's it, movie over. What you will say: "Waste of money! No action, no drama, no excitement". That's life. Life is a giant movie. God is the director. All are playing their roles.
    – Sai
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    @sv. Well that's again a very good question. The thing is, this Earth is not the only planet in this Universe, just think about all of Creation. The scriptures give verses about the various lokas that exist in Creation, each with its own diverse life. How can one conclude, about the total population of the Universe, let alone Creation, with just the (human) population on Earth? Does it remain same? Does it increase? Does it decrease? Thus the vedantins simply say 'it is so', and then move on to the other question: 'Who Am I?'. All questions end in this big question, according to Advaita. :).
    – Sai
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Well, according to Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the goal of human life is to realise God and become one with Him, for He alone has the ability to grant us perennial bliss. Of course, it is God alone who has created everything, but again, it is he who has made some rules to govern this world. And these rules are cosmic in nature. The world runs on Karma theory. So if you do good to others, you are rewarded and vice-versa. When you look at the world thru the prism of Karma, probably, you can understand what I am trying to say. If, as per what you say, God creates a bad person, it is the same God who creates a good person also. Isn't it? The concept of Heaven in Hinduism is very subtle Some think that Heaven is the destination for all of us, but that is also a place that is not permanent. Based on your good karma, you stay there and once your good karma ends, you come back to earth and again start earning good karma. Similarly with hell. So as true seekers of knowledge or God, we should aim at a point of no return, or in other words, our real Nature, our own Atman!

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