Bhumidevi is the wife of Lord Vishnu. Her daughter is Sita. If this is so, how did Lord Vishnu/Rama marry his wife's daughter?

Lakshmi,who comes out of the ocean of milk,is considered the daughter of Varuna.Varuni ,who also comes out of the ocean of milk,can be considered the daughter of Varuna.Thus,how can Varuna marry his own daughter?

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    Bhūmi is wife of VarAha avatar (which was in turn Vishnu). The time span among these avatars is huge. If you discard that, then many such ambiguous coupling can be found. e.g. Bhima and Hanuman were brothers due to being sons of VAyu, Sita and NarakAsura would be siblings, due to being born from Bhumidevi.
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    That is the beauty of avatara - the same God takes on different roles and relationships.
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    @AnkitSharma In south India, there's no problem marrying Mama's (mother's brother) daughter. Gotra of the girl changes after her marriage. So, there's no problem with marriage of Subadra and Arjuna. Yama and Yami are twins and that's not morally correct.
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    @AnilKumar related question Are there any examples of incest in Hindu mythology? Commented Feb 19, 2016 at 14:15
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    @AnkitSharma Most of the time,Brahma and Saraswati are not considered father and dughter.
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Name of varuNa's wife is gaurI as per mahAbhArata anuShasana parva CLXV and udyoga parva CXVII :

then the illustrious Sakra the lord of Sachi; and Yama with his spouse Dhumorna; and Varuna with Gauri; Kuvera the lord of treasures, with his spouse Riddhi;

And the royal sage then sported with her, as Surya with Prabhavati, Agni with Swaha, Vasava with Sachi, Chandra with Rohini, Yama with Urmila, Varuna with Gauri, Kuvera with Riddhi, Narayana with Lakshmi, Sagara with Jahnavi, Rudra with Rudrani,

vArunI is the daughter of varuNa and wife of sheSha as per harivamsa Chapter 41 :

sAsmi pUrNena yogena yaithavAmR^itamanthane | samIpaM preShitA pitrA varuNena tavAnagha ||2-41-21

O one without sins! I am that one, fully suitable (to you) who was sent by my father varuNa to you during the days of churning for nectar (amR^ita).

balaM jayasya daityAnAM baladeva divIshvara | ahaM te dayitA kAntA vAruNI samupasthitA ||2-41-17

O the god of deva-s! baladeva (balarAma)! Let there be victory to you. You are the strength of deva-s against daitya-s. I, vAruNI, your dear wife, am standing near you.

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