What do holy books say about inter-caste marriages? I heard somewhere that marriages between different castes causes वर्ण संकर (Varna Samkar) and our holy books don't support inter-caste marriages.

Is there any proof regarding this?

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    First you need to know True Varna in Sanatana Dharma. Varna in Sanata Dharma depends on innate traits and Propensities. It depends only on one's Guna and nature. See this answer to know Varna System that existed in olden days.
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    In Bhagavad Gita, This sloka from Arjuna and this sloka from Krishna describes the issues with वर्ण संकर system. Try to read the Sanskrit part of the scripture. I am upvoting your Q, as it doesn't deserve downvotes.
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The Agni Purana speaks about inter caste marriages in details while talking about the Manus & the Varnashrama Dharma(the Dhrama of the 4 classes of society & the 4 stages of life).

Quoting from this page,

An anuloma marriage is a marriage where the husband is from a higher class than the wife. The offspring of such a marriage belong to the mother’s class. A pratiloma marriage is a marriage where the wife is from a higher class than the husband. Chandalas were born this way from brahmana women, Sutas from kshatriya women, Devalas from vaishya women, Pukkashas from kshatriya women and Magadhas from vaishya women. Chandalas are executioners, Sutas charioteers, Devalas guards, Pukkashas hunters and Magadhas bards. Chandalas should live outside the villages and should not touch those belonging to any other class.

So,naturally,a Pratiloma marriage is looked down upon and prohibited specially those which results in Chnadalas as offsprings.

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