In this question,it is discussed that Manasa was born when Shiva's semen touched a statue carved by Kadru.Can someone provide me with the story of this?Does it have any scriptual basis?

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    It is mentioned in many Puranas that Rishi Kashyap and Kadru are the parents of Devi Manasa.-"The thirteen daughters who were married to Kashyapa were named Aditi, Diti, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Kadru, Vishva and Muni," – Rickross Mar 12 '16 at 6:34
  • @Rickross I know but i am asking according to the bengali mangalkalvayas – user4627 Mar 12 '16 at 6:58
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