Which scripture says that during eclipse all water become pure like Ganges water?

This page make the following claims:

During eclipse all waters are equivalent to Ganges water and all Brahmins are equivalent to Vasishta.

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I would love to have answers to the second question as well, which is:

Which scripture claims that during eclipse all Brahmins are equivalent to Maharshi Vasishta?

Edit-Adding the exact Sanskrit verses which i found on this page:

During the �Grahana Kaala�, Go-Bhu-Hiranyaadi Daanaas would accord far-reaching benefits. It is stated: Sarvam Gangaa samam toyam, Sarvey Vyaasa samaah Dwijaah, Sarvam Bhumi samam daanam grahaney Chandra Suryayoh/ (On occasions like Lunar or Solar Eclipses, all kinds of waters are like Ganga water; all Brahmanas are like Vyasaacharya; and all kinds of charity are as good as Bhu daana).

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Parashar Smriti, Chapter 12 source 1 source 2 says , during eclipse all waters become pure like Ganges.

सर्वं गंगा समं तोयं राहुग्रस्ते दिवाकरे।

सोमग्रहे तथैवोक्तं स्नानदानादि कर्मसु।।

When the sun or the moon is seized by rahu, all water becomes as pure as the water of the Ganga, so far as bathing and giving, and other religious rites are concerned.

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The Katyayana Smriti also says the same :

During solar and lunar eclipses all the waters, that exist on earth and even that in a well, become like that of the Ganges.

Katyayana Smriti,Chapter 10,Verse 14


Padma Purana also says that during the eclipse, all waters become same like Ganges and all Brahmins become equivalent to Vyasa.

कुर्याद्ग्रासंसैम्हिकेयस्तत्क्षणंदुर्लभंभवेत् |
सर्वगङ्गासमंतोयंवेदव्यास समाद्विजाः || Padma Purana 4.10.22

Now (even) when that day arrives he fights with the Moon and the Sun. The son of Simhika (i.e. Rahu) would live (in them). That would be a moment difficult to secure. (At that time) all water is like (that of) Ganga, and all brahmanas are like Vyasa. (Brahma Khanda Chapter 10 Verse 22)


One more reference from Maya-Tantram 17th Patalam,

तत्क्षणे सर्वतीर्थानि सामान्यमुदकं प्रिये। यान्ति स्वपदमृत्सृज्य सर्वतीर्थोदकं ततः॥7॥ सामान्यमुदकं तनु गङ्गातोयसमं भवेत्‌॥ तत्क्षणे चञ्जलापाङ्गि तज्जले स्नानमात्रतः॥8॥ चर्तुभुजसमा: सर्वे लोका भारतवासिनः। तत्क्षणाद्‌ गिरिजे सत्यं मोक्ष ब्रह्मपुरं ब्रजेत्‌॥9॥

At that instance,  all of the Tirthas and every common source of water merges into the waters of all Tirthas. Water from all sources is equivalent to the Gangas. O devi, the one with agile eyes, Thus the people living in Bharata by merely taking bath in such waters become as if Vishnu (Chaturbuja= the one with four hands), attain Moksha and move to the Brahmapura.


Skanda Mahā-Purāṇa (Verse says - All waters during eclipse are equivalent to the Ganges water, and all Brāhmiṇas equivalent to Brahmā.

Chapter 9, Pūrvārdha, Kāśī-khaṇḍa

सर्वं गंगासमं तोयं सर्वे ब्रह्मसमा द्विजाः ।
सर्वं देयं स्वर्णसमं राहुग्रस्ते दिवाकरे ॥ ७३ ॥

  1. When the Sun is swallowed by Rāhu (i.e., during solar eclipse) all waters are on a par with Gaṅgā, all Brāhmiṇas are on a par with Brahmā and everything gifted equal with gold.

So, as per the Skanda Purāṇa, all waters are equal to Ganga, but all the Brāhmiṇas are equivalent to Brahmā, and not Rishi Vasistha.

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