Since some events in our lives are pre-determined and some are not (from here), if one gets knowledge of supreme and he's able to see the future, would he see only some things (pre-determined) that will happen in the future or everything? Also, what are some records of the sages who were able to see the past and future?

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    There is a difference between 1. Before self-realization and 2. After self-realization (Advaitic). In the without realization state, you can see anything specific in the future, for example, a devotee might get a vision of some good news that he is going to get soon. There are various accounts mentioned in several books about these visions. After Self-realilzation, there is no concept of future or past. Time is realized to be an illusion of the mind. Therefore for a man of self-realization, His will becomes the Future, rather than a 'prediction' of the future. All the best!
    – Sai
    Apr 13, 2016 at 19:53


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