Ramashtakam which you can listen here on YouTube, is an octet on Lord Rama and is attributed to Vyasa. It also ends with the following:

Ramashtakam padathi ya sukaram supunyam,
Vyasena bhashithamidham, srunuthe manushya,
Vidhyam sriyam vipula soukhyamanantha keerthim,
Samprapya deha vilaye labhathe cha moksham. || 9 ||

He who reads or hears this octet on Rama, which is easy to understand, which gives rise to good deeds, which is written by Sage Vyasa, would get knowledge, wealth, pleasure and limitless fame. And once he leaves his body, he would also get salvation.

Is Ramashtakam an independent work of Vyasa or is it taken from a Purana? Where does it appear in Hindu scripture?


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