In his previous birth Karna received a boon that he can survive death a 1000 times.

And to kill him once one has to pray to god for 1000 years.

Then how did he die?

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    See answers here and here. Apr 21, 2016 at 21:50
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    I wanted to know how did he died in his previous birth. Both the post you highlighted says about his past life but did not tell how he died.
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    Apr 22, 2016 at 18:46
  • If you look at the linked answers, you make out that he did not die or died of natural causes. If you want you can edit one of those questions (e.g., this one) and add your question about how did he die in his previous birth. A totally separate question on just how did he die in his previous birth seems redundant to me. Apr 27, 2016 at 21:37

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he was dambhodbhav demon in last birth...as u know nar & narayan who were arjun & krishna of next birth defeated him...dambhodbhav got boon of 1000 sheilds & whoever break sheild will die...nar used to fight 1000 yrs & narayan used to meditate then when nar break the sheild & die the narayan by mediation's punya used to bring nar back to life & then nar meditate & narayan fight & so on they broke 999 sheilds but then with 1 sheild left the demon ran to abode of sun & then took birth of karna...& it is also said that after karna birth karna took a birth of devotee of lord shiva who was siru thonda nayanar...as per south indian beliefs...:)

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    Please cite sources.
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  • about siru thonda nayanar source was quora & this story is available everywhere!:)
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    Jun 15, 2016 at 11:48
  • Quora is not an acceptable source here. See this question.
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  • ok..i will find a better support to my answer:)
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Karna was not anything like Dambhodbhav or anything else. He was son of Brahma.

3-4. Formerly when his face was rent, Brahma, overpowered by great anger, took up the perspiration produced on his forehead and struck it on the ground; from that perspiration a brave hero having rings, arrows and a great bow and having a thousand armours was born and he said: “What shall I do?”

  1. Going to their battlefield and warding them off he said to both of them: “In the intervening period between the Kali and Dvāpara yugas, in your next birth there will be (a war); when the great war will take place I shall bring both of you together (to fight).”

  2. Viṣṇu having called the lord of planets and the lord of gods told them: “By my command these two good men are to be protected by you.

  3. O sun (having a thousand rays), this one born of the perspiration (of Brahmā) is to be descended on the earth as your portion at the end of the Dvāpara (yuga) for the success of gods.

  4. In the family of the Yadus there will be born very mighty Śūra.

  5. His glorious daughter Pṛthā, incomparable in beauty on the earth will be born for the success of gods; and Durvāsas will grant her a boon and a group of spells:

  6. ‘Whatever god she (i.e. you) would invoke with that spell by the favour of that god, O venerable lady, you will obtain a son’.

  7. O Sun, she during her menses seeing you rising will long for you; when she is (thus) afflicted with anxiety you should enjoy her.

  8. In her i.e. Kuntī’s womb he will be (conceived and) born as the son ofan unmarried woman for the success of gods, O lord.”

  9. The Sun, the heap of lustre Saying “All right” spoke (further): “On the maiden I shall generate a son who will be proud ofhis power.

  10. And all people will address him by the name Karṇa. O Viṣṇu, due to my favour in the world there will be nothing with him, of a pure soul, that will not be given to brāhmaṇas, O Keśava.

You could read this complete scenario in Padma Purana.

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