Satyaki was a student of Arjuna.

How was Satyaki able to fight against Guru Dronacharya for a whole day on Fourteenth day of Kurukshetra War ? Was he that skilled?

Reference: Kurukshetra War : Fourteenth day - wikipedia states:

Satyaki defends Yudhishthira from Drona, who was attempting to capture the emperor in Arjuna's absence. Rescuing Dhristadyumna from Drona, Satyaki engages in a long fight with Drona, taking up the morning's fight. Drona gets so frustrated by Satyaki, that he even uses divine weapons, which Satyaki counters using his knowledge of divine weapons from his education under Arjuna. Eventually, Satyaki tires, and he is wounded by Drona's arrows. He is rescued by a new attack from the Upapandavas. Ultimately, Satyaki manages to stall Drona long enough that Duryodhana, frustrated with Drona's lack of progress, withdraws Drona to focus on the conflict with Arjuna.

As usual, Wikipedia does not provide any references. Also, I do not trust this narration completely. Nor is it detailed. Hence, this question.

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