In the Kurukshetra war, the Pandava side represented Dharma, and the Kaurava side adharma.Then, why numerous warriors in the Pandavas' side also died in the battle?

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    10 wars were happened between Gods and Demons and all those daityas, Rakshasa who were killed by Devas were born as humans and Earth was filled with evil and chaos. Then lord Vishnu descended to Earth as Krishna and his attendants in vaikunta as Yadavas and Devas as other allies. So, killing must happen to relieve the earth and Devas went to their original abodes and these Demons too went to heaven after war and thus Earth was relieved of burden and this was main reason for krishna Avatar. – The Destroyer May 11 '16 at 6:18
  • @TheDestroyer Nice explanation friend – Sakthi Apr 17 '17 at 12:41

Mahabharat was not a war of Dharma and Adharma.

I pray to thee, O bull of the Kshatriya race, let not the Kshatriyas, old in learning and old in years, perish miserably, O Janardana, for thy sake. Oh, let this swelling host of Kshatriyas perish by means of weapons on that most sacred of all spots in the three worlds, viz.


Read this for more information.

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  • 'Mahabharat was not a war of Dharma and Adharma' - the very first chapter divides the two sides on that basis. See this. – sv. May 8 at 17:28
  • @sv. Please tell me where is Dharma and Adharma is written in the passage. – Sanatan Darshan May 9 at 2:44
  • Compare "Yudhishthira is a great tree created out of righteousness..." with the Sanskrit verse from here: "yudhiṣṭhiro dharmamayo mahādrumaḥ...". If one side is portrayed as founded in dharma that implies the other side is following adharma. – sv. May 9 at 2:54
  • @sv. . If one side is portrayed as founded in dharma that implies the other side is following adharma. This thing is based on your own thinking. Yes, Yudhishthira was righteous but it doesn't means that Kurukshetra war was a war of righteousness and unrighteousness. Read in the previous shlokas, Vedvyas called Duryodhana, a tree of *passion*(मन्यु=passion). Could you cite a single verse where Vedvyas called Duryodhana an Adharmi? – Sanatan Darshan May 9 at 4:17
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    @sv. These types of opinions are not valid. Same Gandhari called Duryodhana a follower of truth. That's why I was asking for the opinion of Vyasa or any high souled god like Lord Krishna or someone else. Sage Narada accepted that Duryodhana followed Dharma in his whole life. Everyone who dies in battle goes to heaven but Narada said that he got heaven because he followed Dharma. He didn't killed warriors unfairly.Can you tell me that because of which sin you are calling Duryodhana a sinner? – Sanatan Darshan May 10 at 8:04

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