Is there any original manuscript of Dhanurveda or the original text which can be read online.


You can read Dhanurveda from sanskritdocuments.org in Sanskrit in Devanagari and in the transliterated form.

   ॥ धनुर्वेद ॥

   अथ धनुर्वेदः
ईश्वरोक्ताद्धनुर्वेदाद्व्यासस्यापि सुभाषितात् ।
पदान्याकृष्य रचितो ग्रन्थः संक्षेपतो मया ॥ १॥

English translation for that is available at here.

You can get authentic/original scripts with accent (Swara) from vedicreserve:

  1. Vasiṣhṭha Dhanur Veda:

    enter image description here

  2. Śhiva Dhanur Veda of Maharshi Śhārṅgadhara (Same as mentioned for sanskritdocuments.org)

  3. Nīti Prakāśhika of Maharshi Vaiśhampāyana

    enter image description here

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