Is there any original manuscript of Dhanurveda or the original text which can be read online.

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You can read Dhanurveda from sanskritdocuments.org in Sanskrit in Devanagari and in the transliterated form.

   ॥ धनुर्वेद ॥

   अथ धनुर्वेदः
ईश्वरोक्ताद्धनुर्वेदाद्व्यासस्यापि सुभाषितात् ।
पदान्याकृष्य रचितो ग्रन्थः संक्षेपतो मया ॥ १॥

English translation for that is available at here.

You can get authentic/original scripts with accent (Swara) from vedicreserve:

  1. Vasiṣhṭha Dhanur Veda:

    enter image description here

  2. Śhiva Dhanur Veda of Maharshi Śhārṅgadhara (Same as mentioned for sanskritdocuments.org)

  3. Nīti Prakāśhika of Maharshi Vaiśhampāyana

    enter image description here


Dhanurveda is the science of warfare. It is an Upaveda, ascribed to Yajurveda. However, the original Dhanurveda treatise is lost. Only some smaller treatises on Dhanurveda are still available. These are as follows.

  1. Aushanas Dhanurveda
  2. Vaasishtha Dhanurveda
  3. Sadaashiva Dhanurveda (Veeracintaamani of Saarangadhara?)
  4. Vishvaamitra Dhanurveda
  5. Jamadagni Dhanurveda
  6. Vaishampayana Dhanurveda (Neeti Prakashika?)
  7. Neeti Prakashika of Vaishampayana
  8. Veeramitrodaya
  9. Samaraangana Sootradhaara
  10. Dhanurveda Prakarnam (Veereshvareeyam) of Vikramaaditya
  11. Kodandamandana
  12. Kodandashaastra of Dileepabhoobhrita
  13. Dhanurvidyaadipeekaa
  14. Dhanurvidyaarambha Prayoga
  15. Dhanurveda Cintaamani of Narsinha Bhatta
  16. Ishaanasanhitaa
  17. Kodanda-caturbhuja
  18. Saara-sangraha
  19. Sangraama-vidhi
  20. Veeracintaamani of Saarangadhara

Only a few of these treatises are published. The rest are found only in manuscript form in important libraries, such as Darbaar Library, Nepal.

Apart from these texts, there are some other texts that are mentioned, but their manuscripts are not found yet. I have not included those names.

Reference -

Dhanurveda - The Vedic Military Science by Dr Ravi Prakash Arya

Vasista's Dhanurveda Samhita by Purnima Ray (page 2)

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