Devi or Shakti is the feminine form of the Divine.

What are the names given to the Devi in the Tripura Upanishad of the Rig Veda?


The sixth shloka of the Tripura Upanishad gives the following names to the Devi:

मदन्तिका मानिनी मङला च सुभगा सा सुन्दरी शुद्धमत्ता ।

लज्जा मतिस्तुष्टिरिष्टा च पुष्टा लक्ष्मीरुमा ललिता लालपन्ती ।। ६ ।।

[The Divine Mother] is variously known as

Madantika, joyous;

Manini, proud;

Mangala, auspicious;

and Subhaga, prosperous.

And she is

Sundari, beautiful;

Shuddhamatta, pure;

Lajja, modest;

Mati, intelligent;

Tushti, satisfied;

Ishta, desired;

Pushta, nourished;

Lakshmi, wealthy;

Uma, splendorous;

and Lalita, eloquent.

Reference used: https://www.academia.edu/19972388/Tripura_Upanishad_English_Translation_Prabuddha_Bharata_January_2016

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