What do ancient scriptures, texts and traditions tell us about the river Indus (Sindhu)?

Are there references to the Indus River Civilisation in the Mahabharata?

Has there been a significance of Indus like Ganga?


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Rigveda Mandala 10 Shuktha 75 describes Sindhu river.

  1. Waters, the worshipper addresses to you excellent praise in the dwelling of the institutor of the rite; they flowed by sevens through the three (worlds); but the Sindhu surpasses (all) the (other) streams in strength.

  2. For your course, Sindhu, Varuna tore open a path, since you hastened towards food; you go by a lofty road down upon the earth, by which (road) you reign in the sight of all worlds.

  3. The sound goeth forth in heaven above the earth; (Sindhu) with shining wave animates his endless speed; as rains issue thundering from the cloud, so Sindhu (thunders) when he advances roaring like a bull.

  4. Like mothers crying for their sons (the other rivers) hasten towards you, Sindhu, like milch cows with their milk; you lead your two wings like a king going to battle when you march in the van of the streams that are descending (with you).

  5. Accept this my praise, Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Sutudri, Parusni, Marudvedha with Asikni, and Vitasta,

  6. You, Sindhu, in order to reach the swift-rnoving Gomati, have united, yourself first with the Trstama: (now be united) with the Susartu, the Rasa, the Sveti, the Kubha, and the Mehatnu, in conjunction with which streams you do advance. listen, Arjikiya with SuSoma.

  7. Straight-flowing,white-coloured,bright-shining(Sindhu) bear along in its might the rapid waters; the inviolable sindhu, the most efficacious of the efficacious, is speckled like a mare' beautiful as a handsome woman.

  8. The sindhu is rich in horses, rich in chariots, rich in clothes, rich in gold ornaments, well-made, rich in food, rich in wool, ever fresh, alounding in Silama plants, and the auspicious river wears honey-growing (flowers).

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