Can anyone tell me the different types of Astra(weapons) mentioned in the Mahabharata? Thanks!!!

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I am not able to tell all the astras used, but I shall tell astras used by Arjuna only.

Deva Astra; Nyana astra; Asur Astra; Shiva astra; Sakthi Astra; Parvata astra; Gandharva Astra; Manu astra; Pashupat Astra; Vaishnava astra; Varuna Astra; Narayana Astra; Rudra Astra; Bramha astra; Bramashira Astra; Bramhanda astra; Agneyastra; Indra Astra; Naga Astra; Naga Pasha; Garuda Astra; Mohini Astra; Lord Shiv’s teen Baan; Vasavi Shakti ; Nalika Astra; Varuna pasha; Bhauma Astra; Bhargava Astra; Anjalika Astra ; Vayva Astra; Surya Astra; Vajra; Twashar Astra; Sammohana/Pramohana Astra; Maheshwara Astra; Sabda deva Astra; Linga Astra; Vishnu Astra; Yama Astra; Krishna astra; Maya Astra; Rakshasa Astra; Hari Astra ; Hara Astra; Sudharshana Astra; Vinayaga Astra; Tapasvee astra; Yaksha Astra; Harihara Astra; Raghava astra; Raghavendra Astra; Sai Astra; Maha Astra; Karma astra; Brihaspati Astra; Matsya astra; Kurma Astra ; Varaha Astra; Narasimha Astra; Vamana Astra; Parasurama Astra; Rama Astra; Buddha Astra; Kalki Astra ; Balarama Astra; Kali Astra; Saraswati Astra; Lakshmi Astra; Durga Astra; Hanuman Astra; Markandeya Astra; Vyasa Astra; Hayagreeva Astra; Bhakti Astra; Sindhi Astra; Vega Astra; Viveka Astra; BhadhraKali Astra; Durvasa Astra; Veera Astra; Vashishta Astra; Uttama Astra; Vishwamitra Astra; Ashtalakshmi Astra; Dharieeya Lakshmi Astra; Vera Lakshmi Astra; Bhairava Astra; Veerabhatra Astra; Kartikeya Astra; Muruga Astra; Kritheka Astra; Aadhi Astra; Parasakthi Astra; Aathma Astra; Aadhiparasakthi Astra; Dharma Astra; Shyam Astra; Saharsa Astra; Perusal Astra; VishnuShiva Astra; Pancha Astra; Chandra Astra;

2 quiver of arrows – one with never ending arrows and the other with never – ending astras.

The Gandiva Bow which can never be broken and never misses its target.

Mace of Lord Indra

Shiva Kaakam – The blade of lord shiv

Chandrahas – indestructible sword of lord shiv

Axe of Lord Varuna

Vishnu Kavach – a armour which protects from any weapon

The sword which was used by Lord Agni

A chakra which Lord Indra gave to Arjun

Nalika Arrows – Arrows of which will give extra power rather than a normal arrow.

A powerful noose

A scythe which Vishwakaram created for him.

A long weapon which shoots out the power of nature

A shield

The golden chariot which can fly upto the sky and can move by just thinking.(contains 4 white horses that move as fast as the wind.


Following are the weapons mentioned in Mahabharata:

Brahma weapon

Aindra weapon

Mahendra weapon

Indra weapon

Pramohana weapon

Prajna weapon

Varuna weapon

solar weapon

Vayavya weapon

Saila weapon

Parjanya weapon

Soma weapon

Parameshthi weapon

Prajapati weapon

Dhatri weapon

Savitri weapon

Tashtri weapon

Saiva weapon

Tvashtra weapon

Vaishnava weapon

Aditya weapon

Agneya weapon

Gandharva weapon

Pasupata weapon

Yamya weapon

Anjalika weapon

Asani of Rudra's

Sthunakarna weapon

Narayana weapon

Naga weapon

Sauparna weapon

Bhargava weapon

Brahmashira weapon

Discus of Krishna

Trident of Siva

Also some other weapons are mentioned as:




This list is not inexhaustible. So, it will be updated in time.

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