Can anyone tell me the different types of Astra(weapons) mentioned in the Mahabharata? Thanks!!!

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  • I think Wikipedia has a list that is fairly long: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astra_(weapon)#Astras_in_Hindu_Epics – Jedi Jun 9 '16 at 4:24
  • @Yogi This question is asking about mentioning all the Astra from Hindu scripture doesn't that make it too broad? – Ankit Sharma Jun 9 '16 at 7:22
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I am not able to tell all the astras used, but I shall tell astras used by Arjuna only.

Deva Astra; Nyana astra; Asur Astra; Shiva astra; Sakthi Astra; Parvata astra; Gandharva Astra; Manu astra; Pashupat Astra; Vaishnava astra; Varuna Astra; Narayana Astra; Rudra Astra; Bramha astra; Bramashira Astra; Bramhanda astra; Agneyastra; Indra Astra; Naga Astra; Naga Pasha; Garuda Astra; Mohini Astra; Lord Shiv’s teen Baan; Vasavi Shakti ; Nalika Astra; Varuna pasha; Bhauma Astra; Bhargava Astra; Anjalika Astra ; Vayva Astra; Surya Astra; Vajra; Twashar Astra; Sammohana/Pramohana Astra; Maheshwara Astra; Sabda deva Astra; Linga Astra; Vishnu Astra; Yama Astra; Krishna astra; Maya Astra; Rakshasa Astra; Hari Astra ; Hara Astra; Sudharshana Astra; Vinayaga Astra; Tapasvee astra; Yaksha Astra; Harihara Astra; Raghava astra; Raghavendra Astra; Sai Astra; Maha Astra; Karma astra; Brihaspati Astra; Matsya astra; Kurma Astra ; Varaha Astra; Narasimha Astra; Vamana Astra; Parasurama Astra; Rama Astra; Buddha Astra; Kalki Astra ; Balarama Astra; Kali Astra; Saraswati Astra; Lakshmi Astra; Durga Astra; Hanuman Astra; Markandeya Astra; Vyasa Astra; Hayagreeva Astra; Bhakti Astra; Sindhi Astra; Vega Astra; Viveka Astra; BhadhraKali Astra; Durvasa Astra; Veera Astra; Vashishta Astra; Uttama Astra; Vishwamitra Astra; Ashtalakshmi Astra; Dharieeya Lakshmi Astra; Vera Lakshmi Astra; Bhairava Astra; Veerabhatra Astra; Kartikeya Astra; Muruga Astra; Kritheka Astra; Aadhi Astra; Parasakthi Astra; Aathma Astra; Aadhiparasakthi Astra; Dharma Astra; Shyam Astra; Saharsa Astra; Perusal Astra; VishnuShiva Astra; Pancha Astra; Chandra Astra;

2 quiver of arrows – one with never ending arrows and the other with never – ending astras.

The Gandiva Bow which can never be broken and never misses its target.

Mace of Lord Indra

Shiva Kaakam – The blade of lord shiv

Chandrahas – indestructible sword of lord shiv

Axe of Lord Varuna

Vishnu Kavach – a armour which protects from any weapon

The sword which was used by Lord Agni

A chakra which Lord Indra gave to Arjun

Nalika Arrows – Arrows of which will give extra power rather than a normal arrow.

A powerful noose

A scythe which Vishwakaram created for him.

A long weapon which shoots out the power of nature

A shield

The golden chariot which can fly upto the sky and can move by just thinking.(contains 4 white horses that move as fast as the wind.

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