In Hindu traditional calender Their are 12 months (मास)

Chaitra (चैत्र), Vaisakha (वैशाख), Jyaistha (जेष्ठ), Asadha (आषाढ), Sravana (श्रावण), Bhadrapada (भाद्रपद), Asvina (अश्विन), Kartika (कार्तिक), Agrahayana (अग्रहायन), Pausa (पौष), Magha (माघ), and Phalguna (फाल्गुन).

Who have first given the names to Months?

What is the meanig of each Month's name?

Are their any stories related to these Names?


These 12 months are derived from the name of nakshtras. As I discuss in my answer here, the names of nakshtras are itself stated in Atharva Veda. In a particular month there is high probability of occurring full moon in particular nakshtra. Of course it may not occur exactly but it occurs near.

On the basis of this 15 nakshtras were choosen and months were named on the basis of that name. For eg. There is high probability of occurring full moon in or near Visakha nakshtra in Vaisakha and so that full moon is termed as Vaisakh Poornima and the month is named Vaisakh.

So, the months are derived from these nakshtras:

Chitra Nakshtra = Chaitra month

Visakha Nakshtra = Vaisakha month

Jyestha Nakshtra = Jyestha month

Purva Aashaadha, Uttara Aashaadha Nakshtras = Aasadha month

Sravana Nakshtra = Sraavana month

Uttara Bhaadrapada, Poorva Bhaadrapada Nakshtras = Bhadra month

Asvini Nakshtra = Asvina month

Krittika nakshtra = Kaartika month

Mrigashira nakshtra = Maarghasira month

Pushya nakshtra = Pausa month

Maghaa nakshtra = Magha month

Uttara Phalguni, Purva Phalguni nakshtras = Phalguna month

The full moon either occurs in those nakahtras or near those nakshtras of a particular month and hence these months derive their name from those nakshtras.

  • Got your point. Also would like to know, whether these names are just have gramatical origin or have some specific meaning, regarding time of the year or season etc. – SwiftPushkar Jul 1 '16 at 12:41
  • 2
    @SwiftPushkar the names of these constellation are also described in Atharva veda samhita as I discuss in my answer here... hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/7465/… so, names are already fixed by Vedas... The personified nakshtras took birth as daughter of Daksha Prajapati and were married with personified moon... so, Moon is considered Lord of Nakshtras... – Tezz Jul 1 '16 at 12:47

Months chaithra,vaishakha,...,phalguna in lunar calender is named because of the position of moon after one lunar cycle ~29.5days(purnima) as mentioned in the previous answer.

In Indian system of Astrology, we used to follow solar calender as well. Here, months may be named as mesha,rishabha, ...,meena. It means when the surya graha is it starting point of the rashi ie. Every 30degree(~30days) - 0,30,60,60...,360 as mesha sankranthi, rishabha sankranthi, mithuna sankranthi and so on.

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