Who was Dhasharatha's second wife? Sumitra or Kaikeyi? Some tell it is Kaikeyi but others say it is Sumitra. Please clarify.


According to Valmiki Ramayan, Kaikeyi is the second wife of King Dasharatha. In Aranya Kand, when Lakshmana is criticizing Kaikeyi then Sri Rama told to Lakshmana not to use harsh words against our second mother.

न तेऽम्बा मध्यमा तात गर्हितव्या कथञ्चन। तामेवेक्ष्वाकुनाथस्य भरतस्य कथां कुरु।।3.16.37।।

O dear, Kaikeyi, our second mother, is never to be criticised like that. You may, however, speak more of Bharata, the lord of the Iksvakus.

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