Since ancient times India is known as the land of sages and their valuable teachings. The great sages of India devoted their lives towards the enlightenment of mankind. They have occupied special place in Hinduism. The names of some of them are given below.

Vasishtha (योग वशिष्ठ) , Agastya (अगस्त्य) , Adi Shankaracharya (आदि शंकराचार्य) , Valmiki (वाल्मिकी) , Ved Vyas ( व्यास) etc. These sages or Rishis were living life in their Hermitages (आश्रम).

I want to know , the ancient locations of the Hermitages. I.e. where were they located. ? Are there any mentioning in Scriptures about this.?

(Not particularly all locations , some of it will also do)


Durvasa Rishi ashram was supposed to have been near Mathura on the banks of Yamuna. Source: here.

One of the ashrams of Rishi Vishwamitra, Kapila Muni and Dadhichi Rishi was on the left banks of river Prachi (of Prachi Mahatmya) nearby Puri in Odisha.

Source: http://odisha.gov.in/e-magazine/Orissareview/2012/July/engpdf/71-83.pdf

Rishyashringa ashram was near modern day Sringeri in Karnataka. (source wiki)

Matanga Muni ashram which he shared with apsara Urvashi is also being identified on banks of Prachi river near Cuttack, Odisha. Source is above pdf document.

Am trying to get extracts from the related scriptures and post shortly.

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