Can someone post me a free downloadable link to the original Sanskrit e-book of 'Tripura Rahasya'?

I have the English translation given by Wikipedia. But I was in need of the Sanskrit version.

Could anyone help me in this regard? I would appreciate any help forwarded.

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Tripura Rahasya (Sanskrit) Mahatmya Kanda can be found here and Jnana Kanda can be found here.


According to the introduction of the book Tripura Rahasya, the book has three kandas: The Maahaatmya Khanda (6,687), Jnaana Khanda (2,163) and Charyaa Khanda (3150?).

The work was thus written by Haritaayana and is also called after his name Haritaayana Samhita. It is said to consist of 12,000 slokaas in three sections — The Maahaatmya Khanda (Section on the Greatness of Srii Deevi), Jnaana Khanda (Section on Supreme Wisdom), and Charyaa Khanda (Section on Conduct). Of these the first consists of 6,687 slokaas; the second of 2,163 slokaas; and the third is not traceable. The section on Greatness contains the prelude to the work and later treats mostly of the manifestations of the Supreme Being as Durga, Kaali, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Lalita, Kumaari, etc. and their exploits and found in Brahmaanda Puraana, Maarkandeya Puraana and Lakshmi Tantra. Its contents mostly cover the ground of Durga Saptasati and of Lalita Upaakhaayana.

The first two khandas, Maahaatmya and Jnaana are available, in Sanskrit, in the archive. I think the third one is also available, but I am not sure about it.

Maahaatmya Khanda,

Jnaana Khanda and

Charyaa Khanda

The introduction clearly says that Charyaa Khanda is intractable. So, I am unsure about the source of Charyaa khanda and cannot verify the authenticity as I am not well aware of Sanskrit.

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  • Any English translation available for Mahatma Khanda? Apr 10 at 14:10

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