While reading This Web Site , I have come across a description of various fires a grihastha (householder) was expected to keep in his house during Vedic period.

The exact passage from website is as below-:

Every grihastha (householder) was expected to keep 5 or 3 sacred fires (Five fires: Ahavaneeya, Dakshagni, Garhapatya, Sawta, Aavasadha ) in his house to perform Vedic rituals.

So , I simply want to know more about these 5 types of sacred fires.

What was their purpose?

Which hymns from Vedas mentioned them?

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According to Manusmriti, the three fires Garhapatya, Dakshinagni and Ahavaniya are compared with father, mother and teacher respectively.

पिता वै गार्हपत्योग्निर्माताग्निर्दक्षिणाः स्मृताः ।

गुरुराहवनीयस्तु साग्नित्रेता गरीयसी ।। २३१ ।।

  1. The father, forsooth, is stated to be the Garhapatya fire, the mother the Dakshinagni, but the teacher the Ahavaniya fire; this triad of fires is most venerable.

त्रिष्वप्रमाद्यन्नेतेषु त्रील्लोलोकान् विजयेद्गृही ।

दीप्यमानः स्ववपुषाः देववद्यिवि मोदते ।। २३२ ।।

  1. He who neglects not those three, (even after he has become) a householder, will conquer the three worlds and, radiant in body like a god, he will enjoy bliss in heaven.

The glory of Ahavaniya and Garhapatya fire is mentioned in Yajurved KANDA VI.

For this world the Garhapatya fire is piled up; for yonder world the Ahavaniya. If he were to cast it on-the Garhapatya fire, he would be rich in cattle in this world; if on the Ahavaniya, he would be rich in cattle in yonder world he casts it on both; verily he makes him rich in cattle in both worlds.

Also in Yajurved KANDA I

He falls away from this world who pays reverence to the Ahavaniya; he pays reverence to the Garhapatya; verily he rests on this world, and also he makes amends to the Garhapatya.

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