I am writing my thesis on aerodynamics for aircraft and as a opening quotes I am planning to mention about aerodynamics in vedic.

Is there any good vedic 2-line quote which glorifies air, aircraft or aerodynamics?


Here are some, you can pick whichever you like most.

The Shantipath of the Taittiriya Upanishad declares this:

Namaste Vayo, tvam eva pratyaksham Brahmasi.

‘O, Vayu, you are the directly perceivable Brahman.’


The following is part of Vayu Stuti by Madhavacharya:

Vayudeva, You are the life giving force, whose kingdom extends in the entire earthly world, the planets and the heaven (Swarga). You who given birth to these kingdoms, sustained and ruled them and have the ability to destroy them as well with yourself being indestructible. We plead with you to destroy the charlatans and lead us to moksha.


Some of the hymns on Vayu found in the Rig-Veda:

Drive thy horses, Vayu, come to us with love, come well-inclined and loving us.

O Vayu, with your splendid bounty come


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