I read an article of Srimati Tulasi-devi (Reference) and its importance also. Amazing and awesome.

I want to know

1. there is any other historical incidents about the Tulasi Madam in Hinduism and puranas.

2. And how Tulasi related to only in Lord Vishnu (Perumal) temples giving as theertam (holy water)

Could you please anyone can explain in brief with source articles.


Kindly refer Mattapaliyil malarnda Paramporul a tamil book by Lakshmi Narasimhachar in which it has been mentioned in srivaikundam a tulsi plant is found next to 10 other plants.Lord Narasimha telling to Thayar Rajyalakshmi in mattapali [in Andhra] how there will be tulsi plants in srivaikundam and how the fragrance come from that. If Krishna is offered a tulsi leaf he is the most satisfied. Based on this our ancestors planted tulsi plant in the house on the maadams by lighting a lamp in the evening and putting a kolam in the morning. Like Lord shiva is fond of Bilva leaf Lord Vishnu is fond of Tulsi leaf. Tulsi leaf should not be plucked in a hard manner. It should be softly plucked that too after bath in the mornings within 8 am only. Tulsi gayatri is TULASI PATRAYE VITMAHE MAHA LAKSHMAICHA DEEMAHE THANNO TULASI PRACHODAYAATH.

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