In Hinduism Cows are considered holy.

Afflicting them with pain is considered as one of the gravest possible offences.

It is stated in Scriptures that cows are the best among animals,swan the best among birds and sweet the best among tastes.

The Panchagavya is the mixture of five things obtained from a cow viz: 1)Dung(gomaya). 2)Urine(gomutra) 3)Milk 4)Curd & 5)Ghee.

Apart from having ayurvedic significance the mixture is considered holy in Sanatana Dharma and is used for Abhisekhams of God's idols including the Shiva Lingam.

Five products derived from a Cow viz. Gomoothra (cow urine), Gomaya (cow-dung), Goksheera (cow milk), Godadhi (cow-curd), and Goghrutha (cow ghee). Mixture of these five ingredients is known as Panchagavya. Since time immemorial Panchagavya is used in all the traditional Hindu rituals; considered as highly sacred and believed to provide spiritual purification. It is also used in Hindu families for purification of self as well as sprinkled across the house after asoucha.


Question-Why "Panchagavya" is considered holy?

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The reason is given in the Parashara Smriti Chapter 11,Sloka 38 :

Brahmakurcho dahetsarvam Pradiptaagniribendhanam|| Pavitram Trishu Lokeshu Devata Bhiradhistitham||

God Varuna is in the urine of the cow,Agni in cow dung,Vayu in curd,Moon God in curd and Sun God in the Ghee.

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