Time is a powerful thing and it appears to be the nature of time to change.

So my questions are:

  • Are there slokas that talk about the characteristics of good time and bad time in human life?
  • How is one expected to act when the time is in his/her favor and also when it is not?

Here are some of the sanskrit Subhashitam (सुभाषितं) about good or bad time of human life and how one should act in those times.

उदये सविता रक्तो रक्तश्चस्तस्तमये तथा । सम्पतौ च विपत्तौ च महतामेकरूपता।।

udayé savitā rakto raktashchāstamayé tathā | sampattau cha vipattau cha mahatāmékarūpatā ||

Meaning - Like the Sun is red in sunrise and sunset, similarly the Great Ones remain same (not disturbed) in good and bad times.Source

श्रमेण दुःखं यत्किंश्चिकार्यकालेनुभुयते । कालेन स्मर्यमाणं तत प्रमोद।।

Shramena dukham yakinschitkaryakalenubhuyate Kaalena smayaramanam tat pramoda.

Meaning - While working hard we do feel a bit of sadness ,due to adverse condiation.But surely in future when we think of "that" work it gives us happiness and satisfaction.Source

गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिंतयेत्। वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयंति विचक्षणाः॥

Gate shoko na kartavya bhavishyam naiva chitntayet Vartamanen kalena vartayanti vichakshana

Meaning - One should not regret the past. One should not worry about the future.Wise men act by the present time.Source

न कश्चिदपि जानाति  अतः श्वः करणीयानि किं कस्य श्वो भविष्यति ।कुर्यादद्धैव वुद्धिमान् ॥

Na kashcidapi janati ath shwa karaniyani kim kasya shwo bhavishyati| Kuryadwaiva vudbhiman

Meaning - No one knows what will happen tomorrow. So, wise people do today what should be done tommorow.

स्व्भावं न जहात्येव साधुरापद्गतोऽपि सन् । कर्पूरः पाव्कस्पृष्टः सौरभं लभतेतराम् ॥

Swabhavam na jhatyeva sadhurapadnopi san l Karpurah paakwasprustah saurrbhm labhteram ll

Meaning - A good person never gives up his nature even when he is caught in calamity. Camphor caught with fire emits more frgrance.Source

अस्थिरं जीवितं  लोके अस्थिरो धन यौवने . अस्थिराः पुत्रदाराश्च धर्मकीर्तिर्द्वयं  स्थिरं .

Asthiram jeewitam loke asthiro dhana youwane. asthiraah putradaraashch dharmakeertirdwayam sthiram.

Meaning-   In this world the period for which a person will be alive is uncertain and so also how long his wealth, youth, children and wife will remain with him is uncertain.  Only the righteous behaviour and the resultant  reputation (fame) of a person remains permanent (even after his death).

सर्वाभीष्ट प्रदो नित्यं सन्मार्गेणैव गच्छताम् विचित्रमेतद्विद्वान्स्तु  जङ्गमः  कल्पपादपः

Sarvaabhishta prado nityam sanmaargenaiva gacchataam Vichitrametadvidwaanstu jangasmah kalpapaadapah.

Meaning - One should always follow the path of righteousness which is unique and wonderful and fulfils all wishes of learned persons, who are like a "Kalpataru" in a forest of ordinary trees.Source

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