In Mahabaratha there was a circumstance where Hanuman met Bheema. Any evidence supporting this statement from Hinduism scriptures. Who was the cause for this meeting?


The cause for the meeting was Bheem. As we know that Lord Varun was godfather for both Lord Hanuman and Bheem. Bheem being one of the strongest at that time was very proud of his strength.To teach his brother a lesson Sri Hanuman took form of an old monkey and sat in his way. When Bheem asked Sri Hanuman to remove his tail from his way. Hanuman asked Bheem to do it by himself. Bheem tried to do that but failed in his effort.At that time Sri Hanuman revealed his identity and this way taught a lesson to Bheem.

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  • Lord Varun was not god father to Bheema. Vayu is. – Sarvabhouma Feb 21 '18 at 6:51

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