Jambavan has composed a slokam on Hanuman comprising 12 hymns. It starts with:

Melai virinjan veeya migai naalir

Any puranic reference for this???

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    If the stotra is in Tamil then the stotra itself most probably won't be in the Puranas. But maybe there is a related story. – Surya Sep 22 '16 at 11:42
  • why tamil is not an ancient language??? Kambar wrote Ramayanam in Tamil. – Parthasarathy Raghavan Sep 22 '16 at 11:52
  • No doubt Tamil is ancient and sacred - I was saying that since the Puranas are Sanskrit scripture it's not probable that they would address Tamil prayers. – Surya Sep 22 '16 at 11:57
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    May be in Sanskrit also this may be there--extensive search is required-- – Parthasarathy Raghavan Sep 22 '16 at 12:00

I think you're referring to Jāmbavan's motivational speech towards the end of Kiṣkindha kāṇḍa from Kamba Rāmāyaṇa :

(He then proceeded to acquaint Vayu's son with his own greatness.)

'Brahma may die, but you are endless. You are learned and a good speaker. You are fierce enough to frighten Death. You can fight like Siva himself. Neither fire, nor water, nor wind can kill you. Divine weapons cannot destroy you. With one leap, you can jump across this world.

'You can grow higher than Meru and contract to less than a drop of rain. You can lift the earth and touch the sun with your hand. You can probe the good and bad and advise wisely. You it was that skillfully planned the death of Vali, out to destroy Dharma.

'You can take on anyone single-handed. With the undiminished might of your shoulders, you can conquer, liberate or kill. When enraged Indra struck you with his bolt, you did not lose even a single hair.

'Even the three worlds are nothing against you. Your heroic shoulders can shrug them away in an instant. Walking before the sun, dispelling darkness, learnt from him the Sanskrit lore.

'You are just, you are truthful, you never ever think of the joys of sex. You're well read and know the Vedas by rote. You are eternal.

'You have given your heart to Rama and therefore know your duty well. If you resolve to do something, I am certain you will do it, whatever the odds.

'You know that virtue alone stands where others fall. Your righteousness and patience are an example to Indra and other gods. You are the only true pandit, capable of deeds both thoughtful and fruitful. You can get what you want when you want it.

'You can be compared only with yourself. Go forth and save our lives and add to your glory. Cross the sea, return with news of Sita and with that deed, make Rama cross the Sea of his sorrow. You are the one, the only one, capable of accomplishing this feat,' concluded Jambavan.

You can find the verses in Tamil here; English transliteration is below.

  1. 'mElai virinjan veeyinum veeyaa mikai naaLeer; noolai nayandhu, nuNNidhu uNarndheer; nuval thakkeer; kaalanum anjum kaai sina moimpeer; katan nindreer; aalam nukarndhaan enna vayap pOr atarkiRpeer;

  2. 'veppuRu sen thee, neer, vaLiyaalum viLiyaadheer; seppuRu theyvap pal pataiyaalum sidhaiyaadheer; oppu uRin, oppaar num aladhu illeer; orukaalE kuppuRin, aNtaththu ap puRamEyum kudhikoLveer;

  3. 'nallavum ondrO, theeyavum naati, navai theerach chollavum valleer; kaariyam neerE thuNivutreer; vellavum valleer; meeLavum valleer; mital uNtE; kollavum valleer; thOL vali endrum kuRaiyaadheer;

  4. 'mEru kirikkum meedhu uRa niRkum peru meyyeer; maari thuLikkum thaarai itukkum, vara valleer; paarai etukkum nOnmai valaththeer; pazhi atreer; sooriyanaich chendru, oN kaiyakaththum thota valleer;

  5. 'aRindhu, thiRaththu aaRu eNNi, aRaththu aaRu azhiyaamai maRindhu uruLa, pOr vaaliyai vellum madhi valleer; poRindhu imaiyOr kOn vachchira paaNam puka moozhka eRindhuzhi, matru Or pun mayirEnum izhavaadheer;

  6. 'pOrmun edhirndhaal mooulakEnum poruL aakaa; Orvu il valam koNtu, olkal il veeraththu uyar thOLeer; paar ulaku engum pEr iruL seekkum pakalOnmun, thEr mun natandhE, aariya noolum therivutreer;

  7. 'needhiyil nindreer; vaaimai amaindheer; ninaivaalum maadhar nalam pENaadhu vaLarndheer; maRai ellaam Odhi uNarndheer; oozhi katandheer; ulaku eenum aadhi ayan thaanE ena yaarum aRaikindreer;

  8. 'aNNal a(m)maindharkku anpu siRandheer; adhanaalE kaNNi uNarndheer karumam; numakkE katan ennath thiNNidhu amaindheer; seydhu mutippeer; sidhaivu indraal; puNNiyam ondrE endrum nilaikkum poruL koNteer;

  9. 'atangavum valleer; kaalam adhu andrEl; amar vandhaal, matangal munindhaalanna valaththeer; madhi naatith thotangiyadhu ondrO? mutrum mutikkum thozhil allaal, itam keta, vev vaai ooRu kitaiththaal itaiyaadheer;

  10. 'eeNtiya kotraththu indhiran enpaan mudhal yaarum pooNtu natakkum nal neRiyaanum poRaiyaanum paaNtidhar neerE; paarththu inidhu uykkumpati valleer; vENtiya pOdhE vENtuva eydhum vinai valleer.

  11. 'Ekumin; Eki, em uyir nalki, isai koLLeer; Okai koNarndhu um mannaiyum, innal kuRaivu illaach chaakaram mutrum thaavitum neer, ik katal thaavum vEkam amaindheer!' endru virinjan makan vittaan.

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