Samba was Lord Krishna and Jamabavati son. Samba was born from Amsa of Lord Shiva. Lord Krishna wanted to end His Yadava clan (who were attendants of Lord Vishnu in Vaikunta) as His innumerable invincible Sons could never be defeated by normal Human Kings.

Krishna did Pasupata vrata for 12 months to attain a Son like Rudra (the Lord of Destruction). Lord Shiva with Parvathi in Ardhanariswara form bestowed Krishna a son and they named him as "Samba". Samba was indirectly responsible for end of Yadava Clan.

Some of the Junior wives of Krishna were attracted to Samba and due to this heinous act, Krishna cursed Samba to get affected by Leprosy.

Did Samba get relieved from this Curse? If so, how did he do it?

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Samba got relieved from Curse of Krishna (disease of Leprosy) by praying to Lord Surya, as per suggestions of Narada.

This is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana, Varaha Purana and Samba Purana which are basis for Surya Worship.

On seeing the deplorable condition of Samba, Narada suggested Samba a method to get rid of sins and remedy of the curse of Krishna.

Narada said:

The result that is obtained by worshipping the Sun-god at the eastern mountain is obtained by worshipping him at Şaţsărya in Mathură. Worshipping him there in the noon and evening confers even a kingdom. Reciting the mantras of the Sun in the morning, noon and evening at Mathura, one gets all sins removed. By worshipping the Sun after bathing in Krsnaganga, all sins disappear and so also all diseases like leprosy.

Samba did exactly what Narada said and Lord Surya finally appeared before Samba.

  1. He worshipped the rising sun at Satsurya according to the rules given by Narada.
  2. Then, by yogic power, the Sun appeared before Samba and asked him to seek a boon for his good and for the establishment of the Sūryavrata.
  3. “Recite before me the fifty Slokas strung with expressions from the Vedas with which I was propitiated by Narada. I am pleased by your worshipping me'.
  4. He was then touched by the Sun-god and soon he regained his wellshaped form and appeared like another Sun-god.
  5. The Sun then taught Samba the sacrifice of Yājñavalkya called 'Madhyandiniyaka to be performed at noon whence he is Madhyandina.
  6. There is the tirtha Madhyandiniyaka on the western side of Vaikuntha (tirtha). To bathe there and see Madhyandina is to get free from all sins.
  7. The all-pervading Sun remained with Samba in the morning and evening, and in the evening he stood on the southern side of Krsnaganga.
  8. To see the Sun there in the morning and evening is to get removed of all sins and to attain Brahman.
  9. Thus appearing before Samba by splitting himself by the power of yoga from the sky, the Sun removed leprosy which was afflicting him.

Samba also consecrated temple for Surya there.

He then consecrated Surya in the rising form at Udayacala to the south of Yamuna, in the fully brilliant form at noon at Kalapriya and in the setting form at Astamanacala in Mulasthāna. Thus he consecrated Sūrya in his three forms pertaining to morning, noon and evening.

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