Bestiality is possibly the most abnormal and perverted form of sexual intercourse where a human being unites(sexually) with an animal.

Presumably ,some Hindu temples in India depict bestiality through sculptures found on their walls.

Now,based on that some people may jump on to conclusion that "Hinduism" supports/promotes it.

So,i want to know what do the Hindu Scriptures say on bestiality.Since,its called the "Sanatana Dharma" we can expect that it will not avoid it by saying too vulgar/taboo/offensive to discus and will have a definite say/stand on the issue.

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    What do you mean by unnatural here? Because if you're using the common meaning of the word ("found in nature"), there is nothing unnatural about it. – Davor Oct 17 '16 at 11:01
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    By "unnatural" I meant something which is against natural order/laws."Found in nature" and "supported by natural laws" are two different things. – Rickross Oct 17 '16 at 11:30

I'm adding my own answer based on the Parashara Smriti.Looking for more answers from other users with valid Scriptural quotes.

Chapter 10 of Parashara Smriti is titled Agamyaagamanaprayaschittavarnanam or "The description of expiations for prohibited sexual intercourses".

This chapter deals with bestiality too.Slokas 12 &13 are useful here.

  1. On carnal intercourse with a beast, or a prostitute and the like, or with a female buffalo, or with a female camel, or with a she monkey, or with a sow, or a female ass, one should perform the Prajapatya penance.

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  1. On carnal intercourse with a cow, the sin is removed by three nights' fast; a cow should be presented to a Brahman as fee. On carnal connection with a female buffalo, a female camel or an ass, the sin is removed by one night's fast.

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Similarly, the Manu Smriti(Chapter 11 verse 173), states:

11.173. A man who has committed a bestial crime, or an unnatural crime with a female, or has had intercourse in water, or with a menstruating woman, shall perform a Samtapana Krikkhra.

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So,as per Hindu Shastras, bestiality is a sin and the expiations are also precisely mentioned therein.

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