Can any one tell the significance, importance of Chandi Homa ?

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I'm adding a PDF that teaches you the details of how to perform a Chandi Homam.This document also tells you about its importance which i have quoted below.

I'm sure that you are just curious to know.If your intent is doing the homam on your own by following this document then that is strongly not recommended.Although this Acharya is genuinely learned in Scriptures.But still do not attempt.Even the document itself is having a word of caution.

Chandi is a very fierce and powerful deity – She is the primordial energy that is responsible for the creation, sustenance and destruction of this en tire universe. She is the sum total of the energies of all beings of this universe. Chandi homam is unquestionably a very powerful sadhana. This ritual can be used for getting wealth and health, for success in various wordly matters and for destroying enemies. However, one performing Cha ndi homam for such a specific purpose needs to meet some exacting demands, such as perfec t pronunciation, perfect procedure and perfect materials for the purpose, and have some accumulated spiritual energy to pull off the feat . Neither is the author an expert in performing homam with such an attitude nor does he teach that. This document is strictly for one who performs Chandi homam for spiritual upliftment and looks at the Divine Mother as a mother and looks at onese lf as a helpless child who desperately wants to improve. This document is strictly for one who i s willing to undergo whatever one’s mother wants one to undergo, for the sake of spiritual upl iftment. However, it is not necessary that She should take away one’s material success and prosperity in order to give spiritual upliftment. In fact, many p eople who perform Chandi homam everyday or every week using this document may experience continued or even increased material success (and yet be able to remain detached from it and pro gress spiritually). However, in some cases, She may decide to give a shock or two in worldly matters if something is badly blocking one’s spiritual progress and a setback is needed. The pat h towards self-realization is different for each person. She knows the best for each person. Unless one is willing to surrender to Her completely and accept whatever comes one’s way – good or bad – as Her blessings and unless one does not expect any specific material benefit from this homam, one should not use this document to perform Chandi homam.

Off Topic-Here you can see the same Acharya(who composed the PDF) performing a Mahaganapati Homam.

  • @rickross-For any homams the mantra pronounciation should be clear.PDF and all are recent. You should know about Aapasthamba and anugnais for these homams. Commented Oct 18, 2016 at 5:02
  • @ParthasarathyRaghavan It is not necessary for everyone to know about apastambha sutras .They are only followed in South India by those who follow Krishna Yajurveda ,Taitteriya shaka.They r said to be of Andhra Brahmin origin.And this acharya who composed this pDf and who is doing the Homam in the video given in the answer is an andhra brahmin only.So he knows his stuffs
    – Rickross
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  • @Rickross--The culture varies across India. Apasthamba is the beginning of homam and Anugnai is the grace we seek from the Lord for the homam to be done in a good way. Commented Nov 3, 2016 at 5:43
  • Apasthambha is the beginning for u mite be not for all.
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    Commented Nov 3, 2016 at 5:52
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    And whos here not adhering as per scriptures??The Acharya is more learned than u.He himself is a Guru & he has learned the Shastras from his Guru.in ur case u dont have a guru .U learn from prayoga books easily avialable in markets.That is all because this is Kali.And it is u who started an useless argument without chking the pdf not me..
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The significance of Chandi Homa is that it can support you in removing complications and hurdles on your track to victory. Goddess Durga, the chief divinity of this Homa will gift you with the control to stable your desire and calmness, tolerance and rejection. With her blessing, you will be able to manifest your true divine Self that bonds self-centeredness and self-sacrifice.

Chandi Homa is important because it is one of the most authoritative homa for an individual to achieve accomplishments in their lifespan and also it overcomes of all kinds of sins and blockades in one's whole life. This homa helps one to triumph over Adversaries. By performing the Maha Chandi Homa, one can become free from malicious eyes, difficulties, blockades and they are also bestowed with getting decent well-being, wealth, chastity and success.

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    Welcome To Hinduism SE! We have to provide sources from authentic scriptures like "Mahabharata ", Ramayana" , "Devi Bhagvat" while giving answers on this site.Pls.add some sources in your answer. Commented Oct 17, 2016 at 12:12
  • @SwiftPushkar Unfortunately I do not know of any authentic sources that reference my answer. I answered from what I have learnt in swadhayay and did little research to back my answer. If you wish, I can take my answer down because of reliability issues.
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  • Then mention this thing about sources in answer.Also you can try to find some authentic web sites ,which are mentioning about your answer and add at least one of them as a source in it. Commented Oct 17, 2016 at 12:22

Goddess Chandi is known for her fierce form and plays a key role in protecting devotees from potential threats and risks. Doing Chandi homam once in a year eradicate all hurdles and negative forces in your path and also clear all the obstacles in the path to success. For more

  • This is just a copy-paste from mentioned link. Visit how ro reference. Note that blogs are not acceptable source. You should cite some authentic source preferably scriptures.
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