Which finger to use, when applying tilak to coconut at an engagement ceremony?


well you are supposed to apply tilak with ring finger but well using other fingers according to me does not bring any bad luck. Refer to this article-

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Apply tilak with ring finger at an engagement ceremony.

Finger to be used for applying Tilak for different occasions:

1. Applying Tilak with ring finger(Anamika) gives peace.

We all experience a soothing effect at the time of sunrise. Perfect peace can be experienced while sun rises. It is believed that at the base of the ring finger is Sun. Thus applying Tilak with ring finger provides peace. The ring finger should be used to apply Tilak to the photos of Hindu gods and goddesses.

2. Applying Tilak with middle finger(Madhyama) provides long life.

According to hindu mythology, it is believed that saturn is at the base of the middle finger. Saturn is known as the protector of lifespan. Thus applying Tilak with middle finger provides long life.

3. Applying Tilak with thumb (Angushtha) provides strength.

Hindu mythology says that Venus is at the base of the thumb. Venus represents health. Thumb is used for applying Tilak to men as it symbolizes strength, health, etc.

4. Applying Tilak with INDEX finger(Tarjani) gives moksha.

At the base of the index finger is Jupiter. Tilak is applied with index finger to dead body as it provides Moksha. Jupiter represents immortality. Thus applying Tilak with index finger in other occasions is considered as inauspicious. The index finger of the right hand should be used for applying Tilak to the photos of departed ancestors.

Tilak is applied at the space between two eyebrows known as Ajna Chakra. Application of Chandan has very cooling effect and has medicinal value. During heat, if one concentrates on Ajna Chakra , it provides soothing and cooling effect. Tilak applied with ring finger and thumb is very beneficial. Women should use ring finger for applying Bindi. Women and men both should use unbroken rice mixed in Red Chandan for Tilak as it symbolises peace and firmness of the brain. There are 13 places on human body where Tilak can be placed but only forehead is considered as noble. According to astrology, house of Aries (Mesh Rashi) is on forehead. Lord of Mesh is Mars and its colour is Red. This is the reason behind putting Red Chandan and Sindoor as Tilak on the forehead.


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