'Who is Ramanujacharya's brother? He adopted Saivism when he was around 20 years old. How did Ramanuja brought back him to vaishnavism?Any mythological references for this.

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    When one is is a vaishnavite he will follow that only. We do that not like your nway of thinking. Even the sankalpa varies. The symbol varies. Nowadays Brahmins are a rejected lot. What you people give answer is not deep tooted knowledge. For the time being to answer the question you refer some smiritis puranas and copy paste which is just an answer. Go thru deep imbibe analyse and reply. The you see the difference. Oct 26, 2016 at 4:38
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    Everyone knows that the tilaka varies and the sankalpa varies ,,this is no deep knowledge..instead of parameswara prityartham one says narayana prithyartham...What i'm saying is Ishta devta is different from Kula devata.Forcing a devata upon someone is not hinduism its extremism..."You are bound to worship this God and no other.".this is called fanaticism,extremism.
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    Oct 26, 2016 at 6:33
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    When we go for saranagathi baranyasa we will sorship only Lord Narasimha. No other God will be wsorshipped. Probably you are not aware of south indian cultures this is an opportunity I have shared. Oct 26, 2016 at 6:36
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    We follow certain rules if u do not want you will call fanacticism extremism etc. we are least bothered about your comment. Oct 26, 2016 at 6:51
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    I'm also not interested in knowing about a regional culture that promotes such extremism.And this is also not about a specific region or a specific culture.Its about Hinduism the Sanatana Dharma.I know that Sri Ramakrishna's Kula deity was Sri Rama but nobody objected when he became devoted to Mother Goddess.This is the way it should be.
    – Rickross
    Oct 26, 2016 at 6:56

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emBAr is the cousin(Ramanuja mother’s younger sister’s son) of Sri Ramanuja.

Swami EmBaar was born in Madhuramangalam (then known as Mazhalai mangalam) to pious couple Periya Pratti and Sri Kamalanayana Bhatta in the year 1026 CE (Krodana samvatsaram) month of Makara ( Tamil Month of Thai ) under the the constellation of Punarvasu. It is said he was the amsam of Vainatheyan . His maternal uncle Thirumalai nambhi named him as Govinda Bhatta.

Later, while taking bath in Ganges with Yadavaprakasar and ashram mates, Sri Govinda Battar gets a lingam in his hand. Sri Govinda Bhattar shows the same to his guru. The advaitic scholar replied that it is the anugruham of Lord Siva and names him as ULangai konNarnda NAyanAr. From that day, Govinda Bhattar becomes a pure advaitin and starts practising the same.

Then Govinda returned back and did the Prathistai of the Lingam in Madhuramangalam ( even to this day you can see this Lingam) then he has seen a dream in which Lord of Kalahasthi beckoned him so he went to Kalahasthi and continued to worship. Years rolled on Ramanujar also grew up and he became the disciple of Thirukachi Nambhigal ,Periya Nambhi,Thirukoshtiyur nambhi etc and he had become an ascetic . Sri Ramanujar felt that he needed some trusted lieutenant to assist him , he then remembered Govinda , whose timely advice saved his life. Then he requested his Maternal uncle Thirumalai Nambhi to bring back Govinda to Srivaishnava fold. Thirumalai Nambhi too had been thinking of correcting Govinda Bhattar and hence immedietely left to Kalahasti with few of his disciples and started giving discourses. He crossed ULangai konNarnda NAyanAr’s path and makes AaLavandAr’s shlokam from Stotra ratna fall on his ears:

nArayANa tvayi na mrishyati vaidhikAh kah
brahma sivah satamakhah parama-svarad ity
ete 'pi yasya mahimArNava-viprushas te.

Meaning: O Lord Narayana, what learned Vedic scholar will not accept You as the all-powerful and unlimited Personality of Godhead? Brahma, Siva, Indra, and the liberated residents of Vaikuntha are but drops in the ocean of Your transcendental glory.

Something in NAyanAr’s mind gets stirred when he hears the words and becomes disturbed. On another occasion, Nambigal went and sits under the tree from which NAyanAr used to pluck flowers everyday and starts teaching the meaning of TiruvAimozhi to his disciples. NAyanar forgets his task of gathering the flowers and stands there mesmerized. When Nambigal was explaining the meaning of the pathu titled “Thinnan veedu” – there is a pasuram –

dhevum epporulum padaikkap poovil naanmukhanaip
padiaatha – devan Emperumaanukkallal Poovum poosanaiyum thagume ?

Meaning: Would it even be appropriate to make flower offerings and other worship to any deity other than our NarAyaNan who created the four-faced BrahmA in His navel and entrusted him, under His direct control, with the function of creating all the other deities and the other different entities?

On hearing those words, NAyanAr throws the basket and the flowers and cried by saying ‘thagathu ! thagathu !’ (It wouldn't, it wouldn't). Realising the folly he had been committing, he fell down at the feet of Thirumalai Nambi with tears rolling down his cheeks and cried for saving him and to change him to a Vaishnavate again.

Then Govinda went along with his uncle to Thirumalai to learn Divyaprabhandam etc. under him. He did kainkaryams to Sri Tirumalai Nambigal.


http://anudinam.org/2013/01/26/thirunakshatram-of-swami-embar/ https://guruparamparai.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/embar/

  • thagathu!thagathu! ( wrong wrong) seems to better translation. or (thangathu thangathu) (Cannot cannot) It is a just a observation on a composed reply.
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