If there is any Vasthu dosha then the learned people tell to get the things proper by renovating or rectifying on contructional level.

So to rectify Vasthu dosha , can Yagnas, Veda chanting would help ?


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So to rectify Vasthu dosha , can Yagnas, Veda chanting would help ?

Yes,One can recite the following Suktam from Rig Veda to pacify Vastu Purusha and lessen the effects of Vastu Dosha:

Vasthoshpathe is the God who protects residencial buildings. As soon as a building is built he occupies it. So immediately after a house is built, the guardian of the house should be made happy, this prayer in the Rig Veda is addressed to this guardian

Few verses from the Vastu Suktam are given below:

Vasthoshpathe prathi jaanhihyasman, Thsvaveso aanamivo bhavaa na, Yath thwameha prathi thanno jushaswa, Sham no bhava dwipade sham chathushpade.,


Oh protector of the dwelling, please know us, Make this home good for us and free from ills, Please grant us what we seek from you, Make us who are two legged and four legged2 happy


Ameevahaa Vasthishpathe, Vishwa roopani avishaan, Sakhaa Suseva yedi na.,


Oh guardian of the house, remove all ills from here, By taking al forms of the universe, And be my friend and provide us good service.

You can read and understand the full Suktam from here:

Also Lord Shiva is the Vastu Pati.So if you make him happy the Vastu problems will automatically get nullified gradually.That is why it is recommended that one acquires a Swaymabhu manifestation of Shiva called the Banalinga or Narmadeswara linga and place it the north east corner of the house(also known as the Ishana direction).

Vaastoshpatey Pinaakaaya Muktaye Kevalaayacha, Mrigavyaadhaaya Dakshaaya Sthaanavey Bhishanaayacha/ (The Principal Founder of Vaastu Shastra; The distinguished Wearer of Pinaka Dhanush; The Bestower of Salvation; The Singular and Unique Purusha...)(from Shiva Astottara found in Linga Purana)

And,since by worshiping a Sri Yantra all Gods are getting worshiped one can also acquire a properly energised Sri Yantra and worship it daily.

So,in case when reconstruction is not possible,the methods given above can be employed to reduce the effects of Vastu Dosha.

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