We all know that four varnas — Brahmana, Vysya, Kshatriya and Sudra — were created by God, and each varna’s people would mutually help each other, through the jobs assigned to them. But as of now in Kaliyuga, it seems that these varnas are mutilated. Are there any specifics for these mutilations of varnas?


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"But as of now in Kaliyuga these varnas are mutilated it seems."

Varna-s are Not mutilated. They can't. Because the Varna or "divisions" (not castes) are just descriptions of natural attributes. From Gita:

1. Brahmana Or Intellectuals: Steadiness, control, austerity, cleanliness, tolerance, sincerity, knowledge, science and faith are certainly Brahma(na)'s natural Karma (BG 18.42)
2. Kshatriya Or Patriots: Heroism, brightness, courage, fitness, also not running away from war, generosity and kingship are Kshatr(iya)'s natural Karma (BG 18.43)
3. Vaishya Or Businessmen: Farming, cow protection (production), business are Vaishya's natural Karma (BG 18.44)
4. Shudra Or Servicemen: Services (in all fields) constitute natural Karma for Shudra (BG 18.44)

The term "Scientist" or "Musician" or "Actor" or "Businessman" cannot be mutilated. Because they are just "adjectives". What can be mutilated is the "entity" which assumes those "adjectives".
For example, "Newton family" or "Burman family" or "Kapoor family" or "Tata family" can deviate from their respective adjectives. If someone from famous "Kapoor family" chooses to go in business then the term "Actor" is not mutilated but the caste "Kapoor" is deviated.

"Any specifics for these mutilation in varnas."

For many generations, various castes & ethnicities have assumed 4 Varna-s. So the mutilation we see, are in the castes. Due to this mutilation, you may see different kind of behaviours.

e.g. For many generations, the castes which earlier belonged to ... (in ranking order):

  • "Brahman", are active in business & earning money
  • "Kshatriya", are more into (wrongful) politics & hooliganism
  • "Vaishya", are now active in (odd) jobs & research
  • "Shudra", are similarly spread across other places where they shouldn't

This doesn't mean that everyone has lost the actual Varna. However, today one cannot decide one's Varna based on their surname or family name.
The good side is that, today's society is more open to allow a person to assume Varna based on natural attributes, rather than legacy.

Why such mutilation happens?
Usually due to too many wars & adultery, the faulty hybridisation among races or castes happens. Ideally the hybridisation is allowed among higher rank of male & lower rank of female. Any other intermixing is unwanted.
Here are some verses from Gita from Arjuna:

BG 1.38 - 1.44 O Janardana, although these people, whose hearts have become perverted by greed, do not see the evil arising from destroying the family and sin in hostility towards, friends, yet how can we who clearly see the evil arising from destroying the family remain unaware of (the need of) abstaining from this sin? From the ruin of the family are totally destroyed the traditional rites and duties of the family. When rites and duties are destroyed, vice overpowers the entire family also. Krsna, when vice predominates, the women of the family become corrupt. O descendent of the Vrsnis, when women become corrupted, it results in the intermingling of divisions. And the intermingling in the family leads the ruiners of the family verily into hell. The forefathers of these fall down (into hell) because of being deprived of the offerings of rice-balls and water. Due to these misdeeds of the ruiners of the family, which cause intermingling of divisions, the traditional rites and duties of the castes and families become destroyed. O Janardana, we have heard that living in hell becomes inevitable for those persons whose family duties get destroyed. -- GambhirAnanda

To read more in detail, refer:
K.S. Bhagavan's critique of Adi Shankara

  • That the Varna System will be ruined in Kali Yuga is mentioned in many Scriptures.In fact without destroying the Varnasrama,which is the very backbone of a virtuous society,the wholesale ingress of Sin(the paapa Purusha, who dominates in Kali Yuga) into it is not possible.So in Kali Yuga it is necessary that Varna systems aren't be followed and that the castes should be mixed or corrupted.
    – Rickross
    Nov 3, 2016 at 7:10
  • @iammilind--The examples you quoted suits but if you observe nowadays Brahmins are downpulling Brahmins themselves. There is no helping tendency at all among the varnas. All for commercial aspects. Money is the vital anywhere. Of course the answer is acceptable to 85% Nov 3, 2016 at 9:01
  • @ParthasarathyRaghavan That's the greatnesss of Kali Yuga, Brahmans work for Sudras in Kali Yuga. By Sudras, i mean people who are money minded, corrupt and all negative gunas.
    – The Destroyer
    Nov 3, 2016 at 11:09
  • @The Destroyer Well said--- that is what happening throughout. Nov 3, 2016 at 11:39
  • @TheDestroyer, IMO, it's unfair to compare "Shudra"-s with "all negatives". In fact, Unlike "Vaishya"-s (money minded) the "Shudra"-s are supposed to be "serviced minded" due to natural attributes. One of the Veda-s suggests that (somewhere in this site), everyone is by default born as Shudra. Only after recollecting their natural tendency, they re-become anyone of the 3 Varna-s. That's why other 3 are called "Dvija" (twice born). Nothing wrong in being "money minded" (unless Brahmana). A whole passage in Mahabharata, where Yudhishtira explains, how the wealth is necessity to everyone.
    – iammilind
    Nov 3, 2016 at 11:49

In addition to the Four Castes ,there is a Fifth Caste.These are the Kayasths .After Shankaracharya Integrated Buddhism to Hinduism in the 9th Century AD ,the Buddhists formed the Fifth - Kayasth Caste .As Buddhism did not accept the Caste system ,the Kayasths were permitted to retain there beliefs , and pursue any profession they liked and intermarry between Castes.

Swami Vivekananda beloged to the Kayasth Caste . According to him . modern Caste System should be Flexible , like that of Kayasths

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