Is there any hymn or verse for not having any kind of good/bad dreams? How can one skip dreams or illusion?

In Vishnu sahasra namavali I found one

Om dusvapnanashanay namah

But it is not working as expected.

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    It works for me. Chant before going to bed with clean thoughts. I pray lord Narasimha before going to bed. So works for me. Nov 25, 2016 at 8:57

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There are few short slokas which supposedly will prevent bad dreams.

From this page:

To get rid of bad dreams

To get the effect of reading Shiva Sahasranama Sloka 1-Shivo, Maheswaraschaiva, Rudhro, Vishnu, pithamaha, SAmsara Vaidhya , Sarvesa, Paramathma SAdashiva.(to be read 3 times).

It is stated that by reciting the above sloka 3 times one can get rid of bad dreams and also that it is equivalent to reading the Shiva Sahasranama.

To avoid bad dreams (Chant 3 times before retiring to bed)

Sloka 2-Achyutham, Kesavam, Vishnum, Harim, SAthyam, Janardhanam, Hamsam Narayanam Krishnam japeth Duswapna SAnthaye.-He who chants “Achyutha, Kesava, Vishnu, Hari, Sathya and Janardhana, Hamsa, Narayana and Krishna, would make his bad dreams peaceful.

You can try and see if they work.Also note that these slokas are only for getting rid of bad dreams.

An update-

Recitation of Durga Saptasati is also regarded as capable of removing/preventing bad dreams.

Another very simple remedy is that by simply remembering about a Brahmin named Kukkuta who is/was supposed to live in the southern part of Varanasi city, bad dreams will be converted into auspicious ones.

Dusswapna Nashaka is also the recital of Chandi / Durga Sapta Shati.

Further it is stated : Vaaranasyaam Dakshiney bhaagey Kukkuto naama bra hmanah, Tasya Smarana maatreyna Dussapnah Sukhadob havet

There is a Brahmana by name Kukkuta in the southern part of Varanaasi whose mere recall of his memory would surely convert all prospective b ad dreams would get converted as propitious dreams!

Source-Essence of Dharma Sindhu

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