In my recent question, I asked about the pādas of the yuga. This time my question is about śakas (era). Many of you are aware that we live in the śālivāhana śaka era. Even though the current year according to Gregorian calendar is 2017, the present year in śālivāhana śaka is 1939.

Now my questions are:

  • Who are the śaka puruṣā for the current yuga?

  • On what basis is a śaka started?

  • How are these persons identified? Should they have performed great deeds to qualify?

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    Kalki is not said to be from Kolhapur. It is said He will appear in Sambhal (Moradabad district of UP). There is a Kalki temple there right now, and a regular Kalki festival every year. Mar 30, 2017 at 9:57

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This is the answer of your first question only

According To Date Panchanga (Hard Copy) which is in Marathi language. There are six Shaka-Kartas in Kaliyuga-:

1) Yudhishthira (Dharmaraja) - Indraprastha -His Saka (Time) was of 3044 years.
2) King Vikaram - Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh) - His saka (Time) was of 135 years.
3) King Shalivahan - Paithan (Maharashtra)- His saka (Time) was of 18,000 years.

Future sakas -:

4) King VijayaBhinandan - Near banks of Vaitarni River -His saka will be of 10,000 years.
5) Nagarjuna - In Gauda desha ( Gauda country) His saka(Time) will be of 400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand) years.
6)Lord kalki - In Kolhapur region -His saka (time) will be of 821 years.

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