We know that environment has considerably changed comparatively to 20th century and is changing todays. We sometimes hear the discussion of our elders about systematic environments/seasons of 50-100 years before.

So, I just thought whether the description of seasons (viz. winter, summer & monsoon) had nicely described in any ancient scriptures? so-that we can get the imagination of seasons in ancient times!

I've found one related question: How Monsoon Season or Rainy Season (वर्षा ऋतू) has been described in Ancient scriptures of Hinduism?

So, How the seasons are described in Hindu scriptures?

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We find very detail and beautiful description of seasons in our Puranic literature. Shree Vishnu Purana and Shreemad Bhagvatam both dedicated several chapter’s about beauty of various seasons like Varsha Rutu (monsoon season) , Sharad Rutu etc.

We find interesting and very fine details about seasons in these Purnas .Like they are describing how Sun ,Moon ,Clouds , Winds , Farmers ,Insects , Grass ,flowers were in those seasons , and how Shree Krishna himself enjoyed those seasons with his friends.

These are some of the verses from Shreemad Bhagvatam about Rainy Season and Autumn seasons. The name of the chapter itself is “Description of Varsha and Sharad Rutu” Skanda 10, Chapter 20 The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vṛndāvana

तत: प्रावर्तत प्रावृट सार्वसत्वसमूद्भव ।
विद्योतमानपरिधिर्विस्त्फुर्जितनभस्तला ॥3॥

tataḥ prāvartata prāvṛṭ sarva-sattva-samudbhavā
vidyotamāna-paridhir visphūrjita-nabhas-talā

Then the rainy season began, giving life and sustenance to all living beings. The sky began to rumble with thunder, and lightning flashed on the horizon.SB 10.20.3

सान्द्रनीलाम्बुदैर्व्योम सविद्युत्स्तनयित्नुभि:।
अस्पष्टज्योतिराछ्चन्नं ब्रह्मेव सगुणं बभौ ॥4॥

sāndra-nīlāmbudair vyoma sa-vidyut-stanayitnubhiḥ
aspaṣṭa-jyotir ācchannaṁ brahmeva sa-guṇaṁ babhau

The sky was then covered by dense blue clouds accompanied by lightning and thunder. Thus the sky and its natural illumination were covered in the same way that the spirit soul is covered by the three modes of material nature.SB 10.20.4

हरिता हरभि: शष्पैरिन्द्रगोपेच्श्र लोहिता ।
उछ्हिलीन्ध्रकृतच्छया नृणा श्रीरिव भूरभूत ॥11॥

haritā haribhiḥ śaṣpair indragopaiś ca lohitā
ucchilīndhra-kṛta-cchāyā nṛṇāṁ śrīr iva bhūr abhūt

The newly grown grass made the earth emerald green, the indragopa insects added a reddish hue, and white mushrooms added further color and circles of shade. Thus the earth appeared like a person who has suddenly become rich.SB 10.20.11

खमशोभत निर्मेघं शरद्वीम्लतारकं ।
सत्वयुक्तं यथा चित्तं शब्दब्रम्हार्थदर्शनं ॥43॥

kham aśobhata nirmeghaṁ śarad-vimala-tārakam
sattva-yuktaṁ yathā cittaṁ śabda-brahmārtha-darśanam

Free of clouds and filled with clearly visible stars, the autumn sky shone brilliantly, just like the spiritual consciousness of one who has directly experienced the purport of the Vedic scriptures.SB 10.20.43

आश्लिष्य समषितोष्ण प्रसुनवनमारुतं।
जनस्तापं जहुर्गोप्ये नकृष्णहृतचेतस:॥45॥

āśliṣya sama-śītoṣṇaṁ prasūna-vana-mārutam
janās tāpaṁ jahur gopyo na kṛṣṇa-hṛta-cetasaḥ

Except for the gopīs, whose hearts had been stolen by Kṛṣṇa, the people could forget their suffering by embracing the wind coming from the flower-filled forest. This wind was neither hot nor cold.SB 10.20.45

गावो मृगा: खगा नार्य: पुष्पिण्यः शारदा भवन ।
अन्वियमाना: स्वव्रुषै: फ़लैरिषकिया इव ॥46॥

gāvo mṛgāḥ khagā nāryaḥ puṣpiṇyaḥ śaradābhavan
anvīyamānāḥ sva-vṛṣaiḥ phalair īśa-kriyā iva

By the influence of the autumn season, all the cows, doe, women and female birds became fertile and were followed by their respective mates in search of sexual enjoyment, just as activities performed for the service of the Supreme Lord are automatically followed by all beneficial results. SB 10.20.46

we also find similar description in Chapter 10 Vishnu purana –( Sharad Varnanam and Govardhan puja शरद वर्णन ,गोवर्धन पूजा)

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