In fourth Chapter, Purvardha, Kashikhanda of Skanda Mahapurana, Lopamudra, wife of sage Agastya explains the characteristics of an ideal wife. In one of the shlokas, she says as follows:

भर्ता देवो गुरुर्भर्ता धर्मतीर्थव्रतानि च ।
तस्मात्सर्वं परित्यज्य पतिमेकंसमर्चयेत् ॥ ४८ ॥

48.Husband is the god, husband is the preceptor; husband alone constitutes piety, holy place and pious and observances. Hence a woman should forsake everything and worship her husband alone.

Also there are verses which says that approval should be taken from husband before starting a vrata or any ritual.

  • Why is approval necessary to do rituals for a wife?
  • Why is husband considered as guru?
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A Guru is who initiates a pupil into Vedas.But for a woman,the Scriptures say, there are no Vedic initiations.

The marriage itself is regarded instead as her Vedic sacrament .

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Manu Smriti 2.67. The nuptial ceremony is stated to be the Vedic sacrament for women (and to be equal to the initiation), serving the husband (equivalent to) the residence in (the house of the) teacher, and the household duties (the same) as the (daily) worship of the sacred fire.

The above portion which is highlighted explains why for any woman her husband is Guru,God and Dharma etc.

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If a woman performs a religious rite, without taking her husband's consent, it is the Rakshasas who appropriate the whole of that religious rite. This is in conformity to what Manu has said.(Parashara Smriti)

And, the above verse explains why a wife should always take her husband's permission before starting a Vrata.

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