I am from North India and everyone pronounce this vowel ऋ as रि. I know this is wrong because vowel is a constant sound and when रि is pronounced for long it only comes as इ which is wrong. I did some research and found some pronounce it as रु but again this is wrong because of the above mentioned reason.

I have been struggling to find the correct pronunciation of it. Most of the videos tutorials of teaching Sanskrit pronounce it wrong. Some might be right but I have no way to verify and on top of that I have no means to mimic it as they do not show the tongue movement. I came to this thread and it explains a lot but because still I am unable to grasp anything concrete on the subject.

I finally resort to listening to Rig Veda chanting here and listening to the sound of ऋ but still it hasn't helped at all. It sounds like they are pronouncing it as रि which is probably because they are speaking it in a word.

So how shall I arrive at correct pronunciation of ऋ?

Please also do mention how to pronounce ऋ when it occurs with a consonant like कृ, मृ etc and how its different from क्र, म्र.

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    ऋ is a retroflexed vowel. Pronounce it with your tongue in the same position as you would for ण or ष. – Richard MacPhail Feb 20 '17 at 0:38

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