• Many violence are occuring in name of STOPPING INTER CASTE marriage.

Question : - Is our scriptures promoting these or not ?

  • God has made different species, varnas, races for different purposes. So miscagney is unnatural, backwards downwards loop spiral to daridra. Brings destruction, grave sins to the lineage. If deities are invoked to bless for such bloody disgusting sin, instead of blessing, they bestow curse, eternal damnation.
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Inter caste marriages are never praised in Scriptures.Because they create the "Varna shankars" or mixed castes.

For example see this:

Manu Smriti 10.24. By adultery (committed by persons) of (different) castes, by marriages with women who ought not to be married, and by the neglect of the duties and occupations (prescribed) to each, are produced (sons who owe their origin) to a confusion the castes.

In particular the son that a Sudra man begets on a Brahmin woman is called a Chandala , one of the base-borns.

Manu Smriti 10.12. From a Sudra are born an Ayogava, a Kshatta, and a Chandala, the lowest of men, by Vaisya, Kshatriya, and Brahmana) females, (sons who owe their origin to) a confusion of the castes.

So,stopping such marriages will possibly be good karma.

EDIT-A little bit of more clarification for Sakthi.

@Sakthi If something of that sort is happening within your family you can(& you should) stop it.But if its happening to persons who are not related then you can at the most oppose and let everyone know that you are against such activities.Anything more than that from your side is not desired.And resorting to violence in order to stop such marriages is of course Adharma only.

See the following verse,which clearly suggests that undue interference is not recommended in Hinduism.

Manu Smriti 4.164. Let him, when angry, not raise a stick against another man, nor strike (anybody) except a son or a pupil; those two he may beat in order to correct them

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    thanks for your clear answer but some may kill them to stop them is it dharma or adharma
    – Sakthi
    Feb 15 '17 at 9:14
  • is there any punishments for these kinds of marriage
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    Feb 15 '17 at 9:22
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    @Sakthi Thanks..No killing will be adharma only..And i'll have to chk if punishments are mentioned in shastras..i'll let u know if i find them
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    Feb 15 '17 at 9:55
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    @user367180 No Sir(haha) The scriptures will mention like this-a Sudra woman, a Brahmin woman etc..So they differentiate between the two.. birth is taken into account here..Although both the Sudra & a Brahmin woman don't have rights to Vedas they are different due to birth..Regarding behaviour (guna) we can't be sure..I have answered based on how Scriptures deal with a marriage between a Sudra man & a Brahmin girl..
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    to add to this point, marriage between any non-brahmin man (kshatriya, vaishya, shudra), and brahmin woman is to be avoided.
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Normally inter-caste marriage is discouraged. But at the same time, a very famous sloka of the Manu-SamhitA reads:

shraddadhAnh subhAm vidyAm AdaditA-varAdapi/antyAd api oaram dharmam stri-ratnam duskulAd api// meaning : One if endowed with reverence can learn knowledge and righoutness from inferior ones, and can accept gem of a wife (stri-ratna) from evil castes(dushkula).

It is not possible for someone to know who is stri-ratna and who is not, and so stopping of an inter-caste marriage can very well become adharma. Sri Ramakrishna used to say (Ref: Kathamrita): one's birth, death and marriage are fixed by God.

So He also indirectly advises to avoid interference.


I found a Puranic verse circulating online which may promote violence against intercaste (Pratiloma) marriage:

Matsya Purana 227.131 “If a low caste man wants to marry a high caste girl and does so would be punished with death; similarly a high class woman marrying a low caste man should be punished with death.

I am not aware of any Smriti text which promote violence for intercaste marriages though Smritis strongly condemn it.

  • Just like kichaka, they should be smashed to death
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Though I agree with Rickross, I want to differ slightly. Hinduism 100% against sagotra vivaaha. We can see even in blood transfusion relative's blood donation is discouraged by modern medicine also. (need to be irradiated by gamma rays). Coming to intercaste marriages: Karna is a suta putra (apparently). Where from suta came? Intercaste marriage. In gita (1st chapter) when arjuna laments about intercaste marriages Krishna says not to worry but go and fight. It does not mean Krishna encouraged it. In fact we can see how Krishna worshipped and told others to respect brahmins. It comes in siva purana also. What I am saying is intercaste marriages are discouraged but not prohibited. In comparison, "sagotra, sapravara(lineage of gotra also to be taken)" are strictly prohibited but not so much when it comes to intercaste marriages.

If you understand gayatri sahasra nama carefully the answer to your question is stopping is adharma. I don't like it but the fact is it.

I have learnt from elders that in fact aarsha dharma does not give any right to anybody to force it on anybody. It is against aarsha dharma itself. In fact modern day psychology also says forcing principles on others shows inherent hidden aversion for those ethics.

Edit 1 (appending): No where have I come across any line which says you to go and stop. The saastras including manusmruthi are saying how castes are coming into existence. But they did not say you to go and stop. In certain places they ask to punish but not for intercaste marriage. In fact like chaaturvarNa, we have ashtaadaSavarNa (18 castes: starting from brahmin). (ref: telugu pedda balasiksha)

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    Could you provide reference about intercaste marriage in GIta 1st chapter? Also see Guidelines for new users answering questions. Take a tour of the site to know better. Feb 16 '17 at 18:37
  • @sudhakar I agree with you dharma and aadharma is decided based on intent. if intent is to hurt sajjajana then its adharma one should be non violent at all times, if the girl is willing going leave the girl treat them as outcaste..
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  • @Sarvabhouma: the ref about kula stree by Arjuna. The commentaries there of. In fact Adi sankaracharya completely ignores all these lamenting with just one sentence. These are implications.
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Reasons why a brahmana women should not marry a Shudra man.

The word "Shudra" means Sookshma buddhi. It doesn't mean they are lowest or bad. However the reasons why our Sanathana dharma restricts this type of marriage because,

  1. A brahmana doesn't become brahmana just because he have taken birth in the womb of a Brahmana mother. He has to perform his prescribed duties, by wearing yagno upavitham.

  2. Every human being has debts by birth. These debts are by default from the day we are born. What are these?

  3. We have received this body due to the mercy of the God, Rishis, Nature, Devathas then our parents. So we have to pay back our respects to them and be thankful. One of the ways is performing sandhyavandhana, Next is pithru tharpana worshipping our ancestors, Worshipping and Taking Care of our parents, Worshipping Supreme God "Vishnu", Giving Charity, Food charity etc.

Now a shudra cannot become a dvija, He cant wear a scared thread and perform all this debt fulfilling dharma karyas of a brahmana, If you marry him his kids cannot have scared thread as well. Since your gotra will be of your husband's. You will stop All the dharma karyas, Pithru shraddha Tharpana, etc. Your generation will form in this way.

Just because a shudra cannot wear scared thread doesn't make him low. He has his own way of paying back the debts. The ultimate goal is to attain liberation moksha, Getting out of the cycle of birth and death. To attain Vaikunta one need not have a scared thread.

Now Why can't a Shudra perform brahmana's rituals after marrying a brahmana girl for her sake, Doesn't he have the rights?

God made this world a beautiful place with no partiality. How is this no partiality? We shall ask he made varnas that's partial.

We take birth according to our own karma, Good deeds or bad. This body is like a disease, So then Shastras says oh! You have got brahmana body? Then Here is the medicine for this particular disease. You got Shudras oh well then you got a different disease take this medicine. Can we take cancer medicines for Jaundice? That exactly is like other varnas willing to perform brahmana rituals.

Varna is described exactly like this a famous quote from a discourse from U. Ve. Apn swami. Thanga vilangu perusa pitthala vilangu perusa?

A person has done a wrong doing he was jailed got punishment. But he has got Golden Shackles, The other people or varnas got Bronze Shackels.! Now do we have to fight each that he got golden and rest got bronze Shackles? It doesn't matter this soul is dumped in different varnas to exhaust our bad, And good karma as well.

Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra are Names given by Vedas to identify each others duties. It is not something to say being brahmana is great or being a Shudra is low, Never.!!!!

Doing sandhyavandhana, yagna is a duty not a culture or Tradition. It's a responsibility of a brahmana. so performing somebody else duty neglating our own duties doesn't make our life fulfilling.

Just like a Developer has his own job, While a Financier has a different role. However one can switch the jobs, But we have to do something that we are good at or Capable at isn't it? We can't give our 100% if that's not our nature. The same way all the varnas has different roles, Sanathana dharma has given this job understanding our true nature and capabilities.You be a brahmana, ksathriya, vaishya or shudra maybe our paths are different, You take the easiest way or the most difficult path, This doesn't change the fact or the ultimate destination.

Varna sankara isn't allowed because it's like a fish doing a job of an elephant. We will end up with pressure and not doing the work properly. Our kids and our generation is going to suffer the consequences. They will end up with lot of sins, which can't be nullified easily.

Common Suggestion - Brahmana girl brought up is totally different Than the Shudra. Even if the boy becomes a vegetarian, his relatives or his surrounding can't accept this or they won't be able to understand the reasons. This makes difficult for the girl to be herself. I have personally met my friend who were happy for a year or two later had lot of difference of opinion. That boy was a vegetarian turned a non vegetarian, Her kids couldn't have this scared thread ceremony that created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding too. Both of them aren't really happy. Maybe there might be exceptions! But we occur lot of sin sastrically too.

Our mother is the only being who love us more than anybody else on this planet, Supreme lord Vishnu is equal to crores of such mothers. He has love that is incomparable. He himself is vedas, He himself is Shastras. He will never prescribe something which is impossible for us to perform.

For the sound health of body, mind and soul Shastras prescribes no varna sankara. Our life has to be framed in this below ways. Dharma Artha Kama Moksha. For the three below, "Dharma" is the base.

The father gives his daughters hands to the son in law in a dharmic way. Performing the most important ritual Kanya dhaan, Sapthapadhi etc.

Marriage is performed so that we will Perform service to the supreme lord, Give this society a nice satvik kids. Perform Devotion together and also enjoy our life in way Sastras prescribe.

Shastras never says you have to be this way, This is the way This is the injunction, medication, The more we ignore the medication, The more sick we get.

Stopping such marriage is not sin. However it's a matter of their own choices. Nothing should be done forcible or in an violent manner.



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