The narration of Geeta took place just when Arjuna refused to fight the battle and was becoming emotionally weak. How did it happen that everyone waited until the whole Geeta of 18 chapters was completed ? Some people say that Krihna had stopped time while narrating it, If so then is there any reference for this in Geeta or Mahabharata?


Do you know that time(dream time) run faster in dreams, we can pass the whole day in our dream but in reality it might just be 10-15 minutes.

Remember we are talking about highly effective individual of that time, one Krishna and one Arjuna. Krishna is God himself and Arjuna is a person who have worked hard, studied, learned ashtras and shastras and they did lot of meditation and sadhana.

When you do these things, you became highly efficient, and these people have dedicated their life in these practices.

And time is a relative object, we might see time as only going positive direction, but these individuals have transcend the kala(time and space). Now when you are that much accomplished, your interactions would be fast.

They are also capable to do telepathy, so transferring thoughts form mind to mind. So both of them can do 700 Sholokas what will appear to human as some seconds or might be minutes. Because in time of war, I am not sure if you can get more time than that.

And due to their high efficiency, it might seem to normal people as if time was stopped. Just try and do meditation for some days and you can feel what can be achieved.

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Based on the Book "महाभारत के कुछ रहस्य" by "(श्रृंगी ऋषि in Satyug) & कृष्ण दत्त in present life".

No the time temporarily did not and can not be stopped, it was just an conversation of 20 minutes before the war and no one can talk for near 700 shlokas we see in present Geeta.

So we should refer to the Geeta by "श्रृंगी ऋषि shringi rishi in Satyug) & कृष्ण दत्त (krishna dutt in Kalyug)", which only includes the 20 minutes conversation.

If you see only 100 years back there at that time also there were not as shalokas as we have today, so we should always seek towards the truth.

More over IMO the above incident given in the book sounds practical, No one is going to sit for both of them to talk for so long, Lord Krishna was a great persuasive and can convince any one

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    So you're saying Gita did not have 700 shlokas originally? If not 700, how many did it contain originally? – sv. Feb 23 '17 at 16:24
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    Shrungi rushi cannot write it in Satya yug. As Gita was told in dwapara yuga. What is the proof that it is written by Shrungi rushi? How is that authentic? – Sarvabhouma Feb 23 '17 at 17:55
  • "If you see only 100 years back there at that time also there were not as shalokas as we have today, so we should always seek towards the truth." can you provide Sastra Pramana for this? – The Destroyer Feb 23 '17 at 18:15

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